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Here's a feel good story that happened Friday night:

I looked across the street and there was this kid sitting on the ground with his bike.

I’ve seen him countless times before, riding by our home.

He had found a stuffed animal for his little sister, and the hair of the animal got caught in his chain, forcing him to crash and he was sitting there trying to fix it.

Ryan came over and determined we would have to cut the hair to get it out of the chain.  But we could tell he was really uncomfortable and didn’t want to ruin his sister’s gift.

Ryan quickly suggested he carry the bike home for him so his dad can help him better, with tools.

As we were walking him home, Ryan and I noticed how worn out the bike was.  It wasn’t going to last much longer and we both know how much this kid likes to ride.

And being from a small town… we gathered getting a new one might be difficult ❤️.

He instructed us where to put the bike, Ryan asked him what his name was, and the kid said thank you three times before we left him.

On the way home Ryan and I were quiet, James was as well (which isn’t normal).  I think our hearts were breaking a bit for this kid and we were trying to figure out how we could help more.

Finally Ryan broke the silence and said, “If I had it my way, I would get in the Jeep right now, go buy him a new bike, and leave it next to his old one once it gets dark.

James piped up, saying that would help him feel better, and I of course smiled because this is the sort of thing my dad used to do.

He believed every kid needed a bike, and so he would quietly make that happened whenever he came across someone that didn’t have one.

I share this because we were able to just drop everything and go buy this bike with the profits from the candles.

Your dollars do more than allow Ryan and I to stay home and raise Ali and James, they also flow through us and help other people live better lives.

Amazing job Candle Family 👏!

If you know of someone that needs our help, please email Ryan at or fill out the Helping People Project form in the navigation menu.

Just as a reminder 5% of every dollar spent with us, goes to help real people in need, nominated by you, our customers.  The Helping People Project is a pay it forward program where we simply help people live better lives.