The Helping People Project

How often do you wish you could simply reach out and help a real family?

It could be a struggling single mom, a family who lost their main source of income, or a kid that wears worn out clothing to school.

But you don't know where to start.

We are going to change that.

This past weekend our family hosted our first pop up event of the year here in our small community.Bella Vida Candle Shop and thanks to all of our local customers, we were able to kick off our Helping People Project in a big way.

What is the Helping People Project?

At Bella Vida Candles, Ryan and I decided to consistently put 5% of our sales (not profits, sales) toward helping people and it’s really that simple.  

So when you, as a customer, stopped by our shop this past weekend, 5% of every dollar you spent went towards the brand new bikes you’re seeing in the pictures right now.

helping people project

These bikes are going to be given to local kids who would otherwise be without a bike this summer and that’s a gift that they’ll probably never forget.

As our candle company grows, that 5% sum will grow as well.  This means more given items, bigger donated items, and more people being helped….hence the ‘Helping People’ Project.

The project started out local but we plan on taking this to the Continental United States.  Soon there will be an application on our website where you can nominate a family that needs our help, all of our help.

Once we pick our next project we will have it posted on the home page, so you can come and check out what we are up to and who your dollars are helping.

Thanks again to those who took part in our sale candle shop this past weekend.  These bikes would still be at the store if it wasn’t for you.  

And thank you to all of our loyal customers, we are going to help many people as a candle family.

Jess and Ryan