This is Us

Why Candles?

Every year, when the temps plummet, Jess learns a new hobby.

February of 2019, she started playing around with candles.

Later that year we were asked to be in a few stores. And life was great.

Fast forward to March 2020 and the pandemic. Both of our other two businesses shut down (Ryan runs an online fitness and nutrition business and Jess has a mental health private practice).

We looked at the little candle hobby and decided to learn how to sell them on Instagram to survive.

We had no idea what would happen next or where this pivot would take us.

Our initial hope was to get a couple wholesale orders to provide food and pay our bills until the shelter in place lifted.

But that isn't want happened.

People from all around the country showed up to carry our family through the pandemic.

Then Good Morning America reached out and wanted to feature us, that was crazy.

Once we were able to go back to our normal jobs, we didn't want to leave our Candle Family.

Relationships had been made and we could see an opportunity to help other parents by sharing the profits.

To read more about parent makers or becoming a brand ambassador (both are ways we are sharing the profits) please click here.

Live life now, don't wait.

As parents we teach our kids life lessons.

Part of our legacy, is to make sure they choose to live their life now and not wait for someday.

Our hope is that through our candles and the content we share, you're inspired to live life slow and savor the moments.

Please drop me a note on Instagram @BellaVidaCandles.  I would love to connect with you.