What is a Dough Bowl Candle?

A dough bowl candle starts out as a rustic, hand-carved Mexican bowl, and then it's filled with 100% soy wax (from domestically grown soy beans).

Add it to any room in your house, your home instantly feels warm and welcoming.

That's why dough bowl candles are special.  They are new, different, transformational, and you get to repurpose the bowls once the candle has been used up.

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Dough Bowl Candle:

  • Fruit holder
  • Centerpiece on your dining room table
  • Warm up your room and mount it on the wall.
  • Rustic jewelry holder
  • Succulent planter

We are incredibly excited to add dough bowl candles to our line this fall.

As a family we have never seen something as cool as these.  You can buy them to light and enjoy or since they put off a powerful cold throw (how much you can smell the candle when it's not lit), you can simply place it in any room and it will fill with the fragrance.

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