Are Dough Bowl Candles Safe?

Dough bowl candles are safe to burn in your home, when you burn responsibly.

How Do You Burn a Dough Bowl Candle Responsibly?

Just like any candle you light in your home, you keep it away from drapes, set it on a fire retardant surface (like the lid of the vessel or a coaster), and you never leave it unattended.

You also practice candle care by trimming the wick so it's never longer than 1/4 of an inch, never burn longer than 3-4 hours, and stop burning when only 1/4 of an inch of wax remains in the bottom of the vessel.

This is how you can safely burn a dough bowl candle in your home.

Facts About Our Dough Bowl Candles:

  • The wick never comes in contact with the bowl (as long as you keep it trimmed).
  • The dough bowl is treated with non-toxic fire retardant.
  • Our candles are made in small batches to ensure safety and quality.

How Do You Make a Candle Safely?

There are several steps to make a candle, the first one is to have the proper recipe.  We test for months to find the right wick to fit the vessel, and correct fragrance load to mix with our preferred wax.

When you're mixing the fragrance oil with the wax, there is a certain amount of time you must stir to make sure the oils and wax blend together.

What can happen if you skip this step?

Pockets of fragrance oil can be grouped together that could potentially catch on fire if the wick falls into the wax or a piece of the lit wick sparks into the wax.

This is when you see news headlines "Candle explodes!" Well the candle doesn't explode, what happens is a puddle of pure fragrance oil, catches on fire and then that causes the vessel to get too hot and break.

You never have to worry about that happening with our candles as we are meticulous about stirring for the correct amount of time.  In fact we have timers, that's how important this step is.

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