It's Summertime! And We Have Four New Scents in Our Summer Collection


summer candles

{Exhale}. It's the time of year when you throttle back on shuttling kids here and there and have time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Watering your flowers, savoring your outdoor space, walking with friends, and venturing out to the beach.

Summer, much like Christmas, is a nostalgic season. As June approaches, you feel the butterflies you had as a kid waiting for the final school bell to ring, announcing that Summer break has begun! You remember pool days with friends, catching fireflies, and late-night bonfires with s'mores.

summer candles

What you feel right now, reminiscing on sweet childhood memories, is precisely what we want you to experience when you receive our 2022 Soy Candle Summer Collection.

summer soy candles

We have handpicked scents that will bring the laidback summer vibe indoors. From crisp Bartlett Pear, light and bright Endless Weekend, a creamy and fresh fusion of Coconut Lemongrass, to exotic nights with Island Citrus, we captured the essence of summer in a jar.

Let's take a deeper dive and get to know each of our new soy candle scents.

Bartlett Pear Soy Candle

One of our best sellers from last year, and here's why. It starts with crisp green apple; then, we add juicy pear and a dash of sweet florals to make this a perfect choice to bring the scents of an orchard to your home.

bartlett pear soy candle, summer candle

Endless Weekend Soy Candle

Another hot scent from last year is Endless Weekend. We literally couldn't keep this one on the shelf. Not only does this candle smell incredible, but the name also steals the show. Endless Weekend smells like possibilities, with no deadlines and the ability to take a deep breath and feel at peace.

endless weekend summer candle

Here's how we made that possible: Starting with freshly squeezed citrus, picked off the farm berries, vibrant magnolia blossoms, and lily buds, perfectly paired with vanilla, sandalwood, and light musk.

I mean, come on! This candle has everything we need to feel transported straight into vacation mode.

Coconut Lemongrass Soy Candle

I need my Summer candles to have a splash of coconut, and this twist on a seasonal staple is sensational. We started with warm, creamy coconut and playfully intermingled garden-fresh lemongrass in a delightfully clean summer fusion. The pop of freshness delightfully rounds out this coconut-based soy candle.

summer candles

Island Citrus Soy Candle

If you've ever had the pleasure of smelling Volcano from Bath and Body Works and loved it, this is your Summer scent. Fresh, exotic fruits paired with sugared oranges, filled with hints of lemons and limes, lay on a soft mountain greens bed. This soy candle embodies everything we wish for when we think of Summer.

island citrus summer soy candle

Get Your Sniffer Box and Sample Them All

Our 2022 Summer Sniffer Boxes drop on the website this Tuesday at 8 pm CST. Snag one of these adorable samplers, try out each scent, and be ready to purchase your favorites in a larger vessel.

summer candles

Plus, we have a fun surprise for you. In one of the Sniffer Boxes, there is a candle with green-tinted wax. Find the lucky green candle, and you win an 8oz soy candle of your choice in the Summer Collection ($22.00 value)!

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