Do You Have 5-Minutes For Self-Care? Super Easy Self-Care Ideas

self care ideas

Deep down you know you need to take more time for yourself. You don't feel your best. It's not like you feel sick-sick, more like neglected. And you would jet off for a pedicure or sneak away for a massage but honestly who has the time? Between shuttling the kids from soccer to dance, letting the family's four legged friend out to potty, and throwing in a quick load of laundry, there is literally no time for self-care.

What If I Told You There Is Another Way To Practice Self-Care?

I was in the same boat. I used to think self-care meant cucumber slices on my eyes, a long bath, and an at home spa treatment. But we had two young kids, a household to run, and I was lucky if I managed to sneak in a shower every third day.

While it's wonderful seeing our culture embrace the idea of self-care, it used to make me feel like it's one more think I'm not doing right, and one more thing to add to my LONG list of to-dos.

And then I read an article that dispelled the idea of what self-care had to be. Scientists proved that we can reap the benefits of self-care in as little as five minutes a day.

Let me say that again for people in the back, you can feel better, nurtured, not run down and neglected by practicing self-care for five minutes a day!

Now that I have your attention, let's break this down.

self care ideas

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is ANY act of deliberately taking time to care for yourself. Getting up before anyone else in your home so you can enjoy one cup of coffee in peace, self-care. Not parking your car in the closest spot at Target (so you get more steps in), self-care. Shoot going to Target (kid free) is self-care! I thought that would get your attention, Target addict here as well.

Now that we've dispelled the myth that self-care has to talk so much time, let's run through a few benefits and then I'll share our list self-care ideas that take five minutes or less.

What Are The Top Benefits From Practicing Self-Care?

The list of benefits is too long for one blog post, but in a nutshell, when you take time for yourself, you have a higher sense of pride, and you want to continue to make healthier choices in your daily life.

Investing time in yourself sends the message that you're valuable, something to be treasured, respected, and honored. And so, your subconscious moves through the day, making decisions based on this belief. Isn't that beautiful?

The main benefits include improved mental health, reduced stress levels, improved physical and emotional health, improved overall well-being, and enhanced relationships.

self-care ideas

Super Simple Self-Care Ideas That You Can Practice In Five Minutes Or Less:

As promised here are my top self-care activities to practice when I'm short on time. You can start with one five minute block or sprinkle a few exercises in throughout your day.

  • Take some deep cleansing breaths
  • Get up and stretch your body
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Name three things that you're grateful for
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Do something that makes you laugh
  • Text someone you love
  • Hug someone you love
  • Drink a glass of lemon water
  • Donate to a cause you're passionate about
  • End your shower with cold water
  • Dance to your favorite song
  • Ask someone for help
  • Watch the clouds or listen to the birds
  • Start a worry list to get out of your head
  • Think about something you're looking forward to (an Amazon package, or a visit with a friend)

See, I told you, self-care doesn't have to be another thing to do in your already full day, it's as easy as standing out in nature for five minutes, swapping out the caffeinated drink at 3 o'clock with an herbal tea, or giving someone a hug.

I would be remiss if I didn't share one life hack that I've learned over the years and it's backed by countless scientific studies, scheduling your self-care practices.

How To Be 3X More Successful At Practicing Self-Care

I read a quote years back that said, if you don't claim your time, someone else will. And how true is that. How many times do you blink and it's bedtime, or turn around and it's Sunday, again. Time slips through our fingers every single day with all the to-dos and distractions. But here is the trick that changed my life, scheduling self-care in my calendar as if it was a doctor's appointment.

Here's an example of what I would have on any given day:

5:00 am coffee on the back patio

10:00 am walk around the block

2:00 pm set timer for 10 minutes and check social media

5:00 pm walk with kids (if they are home)

9:00 pm bed with no phone

According to the top scientists at Harvard University, when you write something down, you are three times more likely to be successful.

free self care ideas

Free Self-Care Made Easy Guide

Okay, we know why self-care is hard to practice, we've dispelled the myth that it has to be a big chunk of time, I've shared my top self-care ideas that take five minutes or less, and now I'm going to wrap it up with a gift I made just for you.

I put together a free self-care guide that explains the top benefits of self-care, shares a plethora or self-care ideas based on the amount of time you have, and I walk you through my three step process when creating my 30 day self-care plan.

**button or if we can't do a button do a graphic with a neon green button "click here to learn more"

Self-Care Is For You And Those You Love

I'll close with something that helped me take action and invest in myself. Self-care isn't just about you, it's also about showing up, as your best self, for those you love. I hope this was helpful. I would love to know how this works for you, connect with me on Instagram and let me know (@bellavidacandles)!


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