3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Sleep Tonight

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Sleep sets the stage for health and happiness. When you sleep your body produces everything necessary to feel it's best. From hormones that regulate your mood, to producing chemicals that prevent weight gain, quality sleep is imperative.

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Sleep does so many magnificent things yet we are the the only mammals that delay sleep. It could be to finished a Netflix binge or to get some uninterrupted work time either way it seems like other mammals place a higher importance because they are hardwired to prioritize it.

7 Benefits To Quality Sleep

  • Boosts immune system
  • It prevents weight gain (especially in the midsection)
  • Strengthens your heart
  • Increases productivity
  • Supports a positive outlook on life
  • Increases motivation to exercise
  • Improves memory
Now that you know how crucial it is to sleep and sleep well, let's look at how you can improve the quality of your sleep starting tonight.

    3 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Tonight

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    Now that we can see how crucial sleep is for our overall health and wellness, let's go over the three ways you can improve your sleep quality.

    No 1: Create a Consistent Sleep Routine

    Consistency is king. When you are consistent with anything, your brain automates the process.

    For example, every night at 7:30, you light your favorite lavender-scented candle, run yourself a bath, and read for an hour. Once you strike the match to light the candle, your brain signals that it's time to downshift, and it does!

    Your brain will automatically begin to slow down for the evening in preparation for sleep. So whatever action you do consistently will send this message. Lowing the lights, turning the blue light off on your cell phone, changing into your sweats, turning on your diffuser, and making a cup of herbal tea, are ways that your brain understands that it's almost bedtime.

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    What is a Sleep Routine?

    It's a series of steps you do to prepare for bed. Here is an example of a simple sleep regimen:

    Step one: wash face

    Step two: plan for tomorrow

    Step three: make herbal tea

    Step four: read for 30 minutes

    Step five: turn off the lights

    Take a few minutes and think of a sleep routine conducive to your preferences.

    No. 2: No Electronics At Least 30 Minutes Before Bed

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    I know what you're thinking, but I have the blue light turned off; that's not enough. You have to stop stimulating the brain.

    When you're scrolling mindlessly on social (not feeling stimulated), your brain releases little doses of dopamine every time you see something new. This keeps your brain alert, wired, and firing on all cylinders.

    What you want to do is read a paper book, listen to a sleep story, or snuggle with your partner in bed for 30-minutes.

    So get yourself an old-fashioned alarm clock (yes, those still exist) and leave your phone on the kitchen counter. I promise this simple shift will dramatically improve your sleep, mental health, and relationship.

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    No. 3: Write 3 Things You're Grateful for in a Journal on Your Nightstand

    Gratitude has been shown to calm anxiety, soothe racing minds, and increase feelings of calm and contentment. All this leads to rest-filled nights.

    Consistency is the Name of the Game

    Remember, to get your brain on board, you must be consistent with your sleep routine and when you go to bed.

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    Take Action

    Look at your evening and pick the time you want to be asleep. Once you have that, work backward to see what time. You need to start your nightly routine to be in bed, relaxed, and ready to catch some zzzs.

    For example, if you want to sleep by 10 pm, you will need to be in bed reading by 9:30 pm, journalling by 9:25 pm, tea made by 9:20 pm, and face washed by 9:10 pm. So really, your bedtime routine starts at 9 pm. Practice your new regimen for seven days and see how better you feel.

    Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

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    If you enjoy laughing, tips on practicing self-care while managing your busy life, and candles, we invite you to join our Candle Family. We host monthly challenges game nights and regularly post our private Facebook group Bella Vida Family. Join our family today and be surrounded by supportive, positive people in 2022!