And the love for Bella Vida Candles Continues...

"I found Bella Vida on Instagram and the content was fantastic.  I used to be that person buying all the candles from Bath and Body Works. 

But when I opened my small business I learned the importance of supporting local businesses.  I mean this literally is a match (pun intended) made in heaven! 

But it goes deeper than that.  As soon as my first candle arrived you could literally just see the love that is poured into these candles and the packaging.  The tiniest details make it such an exciting experience. 

Next we move onto the scents.  OMG.  They are so soothing and perfectly balanced.  It's not too strong and not too weak of a scent.  Literally just perfect! 

I would HIGHLY recommend you give Bella Vida a try and fall in love with their family's story and handcrafted candles as I did."

-Sam, Minnesota

 "If you're looking for a wonderful gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, or yourself, head on over to Bella Vida!

Each candle is uniquely packaged down to the last detail (little matches included).  I like that fact that they use soy wax, cotton wicks and have their own special touch.

Jessica offers a variety of scents, you really can't get this variety at traditional stores.

The jars they come in can be repurposed for a pen/pencil holder as an example.

You could use it to store pocket change in your car as I believe the vessels will fit in the side and middle cup holders!

When I placed my first order with Bella Vida, Jessica went out of her way to get me the appropriate packaging, I didn't ask for it at first and I'm so glad I did, it's such a cute complete package deal.

Best wishes and thank you for the exceptional customer service!"

-Brenda, Minnesota

"I love Bella Vida candles!  I have never purchased soy candles that burn this clean before!

The scents are wonderful and not overpowering, and I felt like with each burn more and more of the scent would comes thru.

The jars a so pretty and the packing that Jess uses is beautiful.

You will feel like you are spoiling yourself or it makes a great gift.

You can tell how much care Jess and her family put into every detail, which makes supporting this small town business so wonderful!

Now I just have to decide what scent I want next!"

-Janell, Minnesota

"I love Bella Vida candles!  The story behind the business and candle making is truly beautiful.  Not to mention the quality of the candles themselves.  The variety of unique scents, burn time, and beauty of the actual candle itself, makes this such a great product. 

I've purchased Bella Vida Candles for gifts and every time the recipient comments on the packaging.  The brand is so personalized that it makes it such a pretty and extraordinary gift.

Bella Vida's brand and story, in general, is so inclusive, encouraging, and community centric. 

I enjoy following Bella Vida on Social media so much as well. I can't get enough of it!"

-Colleen, Minnesota

"There are candles and then there are Bella Vida Candles! 

There is nothing ordinary about these clean burning vessels of light, or the people who pour them. 

Every detail is clearly done out of passion and appreciation. 

I love supporting something that adds to this (or their) beautiful life."

-Tasha, Minnesota

"I love when our home is filled with good smells. 

There is just something that makes it so much more enjoyable. 

When I received a Belle Vida Candle, I couldn't believe how the smell filled our entire downstairs. 

The burn life is incredible!  I used to burn Bath and Body Works, but Bella Vida out smells and has a much better burn life than any candle from BBW. 

PLUS you are supporting local, which is a win in my book!"

-Kelsey, Minnesota