Soy Candle Subscription Box:

The Ultimate in Convenience and Luxury

Here’s what our subscribers are saying

It was absolutely wonderful to receive my array of candles yesterday beautifully packaged. These are great quality and smelling candles! I burned this candle right away and it brought such happiness with its wonderful aroma. This is a great family and great business I am happy to support!

My experience was totally wonderful from the time I received them last year til today. I had 2 of the 9oz. Candles and burned them again yesterday. My whole apartment was filled with the scent of lemon cake! Make sure you aren't hungry when you burn them or you will be off to the store to buy lemons or pound cake!! Not even kidding, the scent is so yummy and invigorating at the same time. Love it!

This set was such a delight to open! It comes in a cotton hand stamped bag with a drawstring closure and included is a Gratitude journal with a little pencil (so cute), 6 postcards to send to anyone you are grateful for or want to thank and a 9 oz. Just Breathe candle! The candle scent is calming and goes great with the other items in the set. It's a winner

I found a candle from Bella Vida at Next Chapter Winery and was hooked! I started with a tier two subscription box because it sounded exciting & I liked the idea of a spring, fall & winter box! All 6 candles I received smell amazing! The candles match the description provided on the website & truly make the whole room smell good! Being an oil user I love that Bella vida uses soy so they burn clean! The packaging is very simple and cute! Definitely will buy more and am already looking forward to my July box!

Elevate Your Home

And as a subscriber, you'll have the added perk of saving money on each candle. It's a win-win! So don't wait; sign up for our candle subscription box today and treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of luxury without any hassle. Happy burning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Monthly subscription:  On the first Monday of every month (excluding holidays) we carefully select a candle that was the most popular fragrance in the last 30 days and ship it to you.

Seasonal Subscription box: Gain first access to seasonal collections.  Annually the boxes ship out in February, July, and September. 

Candles are shipped out the Monday (excluding holidays) after your credit card is charged.

What will be in my box?

Everything you see in the photo.  The vessel color may vary.  So for the 8 ounce glass jar, there are two variations: clear and amber.  The 9 ounce glass jar comes in black, white, and clear.

Can I send a box as a gift?

Yes, this is one big reason we developed the subscription box.  It’s a perfect gift that will make your loved one feel special all year long.  Simply add their shipping address at checkout in lieu of your own.

When will I get my box?

After the ship date it takes 1-4 days depending on where you live in the country from us.  Please note the holiday’s and weather conditions can cause delays for the postal service.

What if I want a previous month’s box?

You can always reach out to us at and see if we have extra that we can send you.  

How often/when will I be billed?

Monthly subscription box: The last Friday of every month.

Seasonal subscription box: February, July, and September

How do I change what subscription I want?

Glad you asked.  It is very easy to change your subscription by entering your customer portal via Paywhirl.  Simply go to the bottom of our website, in the footer section there is a button that states “SUBSCRIPTION PORTAL” click there.

How do I change my credit card information or my shipping address?

Simply enter your portal via the bottom of our website.  The link is titled “SUBSCRIPTION PORTAL.”

My Subscription Box arrived damaged, incomplete or it didn’t arrive at all, what do I do?

First of all we are so sorry.  Second, email Ryan at and we will get everything taken care of for you.