You Do Realize That We Can All Win, Right?

we are better together

Who here agrees?

I feel VERY sad when I come across a person that has a scarcity😬 mindset.

Because it’s categorically untrue.

I have the belief that we can ALL RISE TOGETHER.
abundance mindset
And that mindset has served my family and I well.

If you own a business, or you’re doing well, and someone that looks up to you, reaches out for help... HELP THEM.

Don’t be scared.

It took a lot of courage for them to reach out in the first place.

So ignoring them, or answering back defensively, hurts the chance that they will reach out to another person succeeding in your field.

And that action of closing the door on someone, hurts your karma and good juju by 10000000 percent.
I did the math 😆 that is an accurate number.

I know when I showed up on Instagram, the first person to reach out and compliment my photos was another candle maker!  Kishi Candles.

And I will NEVER forget her sweet heart!

Today, get in the right mindset, link arms, and let's take on the world together!