Win Big with 2024's Top Spring Candle Box: Find the Green Apple!

best spring candles 2024

Springtime beckons with renewal and warmth, a season that inspires the senses and rejuvenates the spirit. At Bella Vida Candles, we've captured this essence in our Spring Collection, curating an experience that scents your space and embarks you on a journey through the best spring candles of the season.

The Spring Collection, meticulously crafted for those with a refined sense of smell, is set to transform your living space into a haven filled with the lively essence of spring. This selection, with its vibrant and energizing aromas, is designed to envelop your home in a sanctuary that celebrates the renewal and exuberance of the spring season.

Unveiling the Best Spring Candles: A Seasonal Celebration

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Spring Collection Candle Sniffer Box, an invitation to immerse yourself in the season's scents. To kick off this sensory celebration, join us for an exclusive pre-launch party on Friday, 23rd, at 7:30 PM.

This event promises an evening filled with engaging trivia, delightful company, and the first glimpse of our spring scents. It is the perfect introduction to the best spring candles of 2024. To receive a reminder, join our VIP family and text, 'VIP' to 833-567-5484.

Discover the Green Apple Delight: A Unique Surprise

best spring candles 2024

Our Spring Collection offers more than just an array of fragrances; it holds a playful secret waiting to be discovered. Among the candles, one Green Apple soy candle is distinctively tinted green.

The lucky individual who finds this soy candle will enjoy its fresh, crisp aroma and be rewarded with a special prize package. This exclusive surprise includes a charming Rae Dunn Coffee Mug with a "Tweet Tweet" message, a two-ounce hand-poured soy candle scented in Gilded Rose and Citrus, delectable chocolates, and a Target gift card. It's our way of adding an extra layer of excitement and appreciation for our candle family, making the unboxing experience truly unforgettable.

best spring candles 2024

The Spring Collection: A Symphony of Scents

Each Soy Candle Sniffer Box in our Spring Collection is designed to offer a comprehensive exploration of spring's aromatic beauty. The box features four two-ounce soy candles, each promising up to 12 hours of burn time, allowing you to savor our carefully selected spring fragrances.

best spring candles 2024

Priced at an accessible $22, this collection stands out as the best spring candle set for those looking to indulge in the season's fragrances, find the perfect gift, or treat themselves to a moment of self-care.

The packaging of our Spring Collection is as thoughtful as the soy candles themselves. Encased in a beautifully designed gift box, each candle is nestled in kraft crinkle paper, ensuring their safekeeping and enhancing the joy of discovery. A detailed note card accompanies the set, offering insight into the prominent notes of each fragrance and guiding you through the olfactory delights that await.

A Closer Look at the Fragrances

Our Spring Collection celebrates the season's most evocative scents, each chosen to reflect the essence of spring's renewal and growth.

  • Gilded Rose and Citrus opens with the brightness of citrus, woven with dew drops, transitioning into a heart of white floral, cassis, fresh green, and woods, and concludes with a comforting base of creamed musk and amber.
  • Sparkling Lemon and Musk introduces the zest of clove and citrus, leading to a core of lemongrass, lavender, and woods, grounded in layers of soothing musk.
  • Honeysuckle and Citrus captures the intoxicating scent of fresh honeysuckle, enhanced by citrus, jasmine, rose, and lilac, creating a fragrance that embodies the serenity of a spring garden at dawn.
  • Fresh Green Apples brings the crisp, refreshing aroma of green apples to the forefront, complemented by notes of grapes, pears, and a hint of light musk, reminiscent of a rejuvenating stroll through an orchard.

Join Us in Celebrating the Essence of Spring

best spring candles 2024

The Spring Collection Candle Sniffer Box's thoughtful composition and the exciting opportunity to uncover a special prize epitomize our commitment to creating experiences beyond the ordinary. This collection is not just an opportunity to discover the best spring candles; it's an invitation to join a community that values joy, connection, and the season's beauty.

As the spring season unfolds, we invite you to embrace the renewal it brings, to fill your home with the best spring candles, and to find joy in the simple pleasure of a beautifully scented space. Join us at the pre-launch party, explore the Spring Collection, and let the season's scents inspire moments of peace, happiness, and connection.

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