Why We Giveaway SO Many Soy Candles?

If you have followed us on Instagram for a hot minute you know we LOVE to giveaway soy candles.

why we giveaway soy candles

There are two reasons why we giveaway so much product.

First, we sell something that you literally need to sniff to buy.  And second, we love to have fun and delight our customers.

What makes our candle giveaways so fun?

I think there are a few things that make our giveaways unique:

1.  Frequency.  We host two giveaways every week.  If you follow us on instagram, you can enter to win every Tuesday and Friday.

Last week we had Toasted Pumpkin Spice and Cozy Flannel up for grabs.

2.  The questions.  We ask thought provoking questions as part of the entry process.  For example, What limiting beliefs do you have that prevent you from living your dream life? 

3.  Tuesday's giveaway is so special and fun.  Every Tuesday there are six 2oz tin winners, one of the tins has green tinted wax, if you are the lucky recipient, simply post a pic to your Instagram story, tag us, and we will ship out the grand prize.

you won a soy candle

4.  Collaborations.  Our candle family on Instagram is so loving and supportive that other makers want to adopt them.  That means that we have many giveaways with other brands.  Like Made for Mama Shop who makes hand lettered mugs.  Or Torie from The Roan Cow, she makes a coffee sugar scrub that our family is obsessed with!  And many more.

we rise together

So that's why we host so many giveaways and what makes them so unique.  

If you haven't already followed us, why not?!  Trust me, it's a ton of fun and we are always on our stories chatting about something.

Oh and the best part, on our stories you get to vote on so many things, like new scents, candle names, and more.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to chat with you in the DMs!