Who Do You Often Compare Yourself To?

I came across this question on Pinterest and it got me thinking. 

We often view comparing as a negative and really it's a biological trait that we need.

Comparing is a mechanism that ensures we don't get too far outside societal norms.

It's like a thermometer.  A tool that easily gets abused but we are not talking about that in this exercise.

When I asked myself this question I immediately said, my mom.  And then I said, my husband, and finally my heart landed on my true response.

My daughter.

She is like an anomaly to me.

I'm fascinated by her heart, they way she sees the world, and the way she goes about her day.

Often I will do something and quickly backtrack because I think about what she would want or how she would handle it. It surprised me at first that she is my guiding star. And it makes sense with how much I admire her.