White Elephant Gifts: Under $30.00

White elephant gifts are my absolute favorite type of gift because it's usually associated with a fun game and lots of laughs.

There are many themes of white elephant gifts as well.  It can be themed around the bathroom, things you find in your home, or a certain price point.

Today, we're going over some fun white elephant gift ideas that are under $30.00!

Let's get started.

10 White Elephant Gifts: Under $30.00

White Elephant Gift Idea #1: Tea Infuse

white elephant gift idea

Fun and functional.  This is a very affordable gift option under $10.00. They can steep their tea and have a good chuckle.

White Elephant Gift Idea #2: Essential Oil Diffuser

White elephant gift idea

Check out this funky diffuser that changes colors and mists amazing essential oils into the air.  You can pick this up for $15.00.

White Elephant Gift Idea #3: Reusable Straws

white elephant gift idea

Look at these! They are perfect for your office white elephant gift exchange.  And the best part is that there are 30 straws for $7.00.

White Elephant Gift Idea #4: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

white elephant gift idea

I personally have this speaker and would love to get it as a gift.  It's reliable and puts out great sound for the price. Get this for only $27.98.

White Elephant Gift Idea $5: Night eye mask

white elephant gift idea

Unless you have luxury black out shades, it is almost impossible to block out all the light.  This eye mask perfectly hugs their eyes and will surely help the recipient get a good night's rest.  Pick one up for $13.95.

White Elephant Gift Idea #6 Fun card game

white elephant gift idea

Codenames is a fun clue based game whether you win or lose.  And it has over 17,000 five star reviews on Amazon for only $11.35.  Check out this gift idea for the gift exchange or maybe your family!

White Elephant Gift Idea #7: Mini waffle maker

white elephant gift idea

This Christmas themed waffle maker is a hilarious gift for your families gift game.  And for only $17.99 you won't break the bank.

White Elephant Gift Idea #8: Bath bomb

white elephant gift idea

If I ended up with this gift at the end of the gift game I wouldn't be sad.  Check out this variety pack of bath bombs for $26.80.

White Elephant Gift Idea #9: Cordless wine opener

White elephant gift idea

Perfect gift idea for a white elephant game or just because.  Features a soft grip handle so you can effortlessly remove the cork of your favorite white or red. Check it out $24.99.

White Elephant Gift Idea #10: Fragrance Mist

white elephant gift idea

Last but not least we have our much loved Fragrance Mist, Cashmere Cedar. Choose from matte black or classic white in this thick glass 4 ounce bottle.  Each mist has over 840 sprays and the fragrance lasts an incredibly long time.  Pick up yours for only $16.00.

I hope this gave you some nice gift ideas for your next office party or family get together.  Have fun! I just love white elephant gift games!