Top 5 Things That Make The Best Subscription Box: And What To Avoid

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We love subscription boxes; in fact, in the United States we are set to spend 15 billion this year on e-commerce concierge service. And why wouldn't we love them when we can get tasty treats for our sweet tooth, monthly shipments of high-quality wines, and hand-poured soy candles conveniently delivered to our doorstep! There is a wide array of packages offered when it comes to subscription boxes. But what makes the best subscription box for women? We believe there are five key components to help you find quality companies.

Top Five Things That Make The Best Subscription Box:

  1. Quality products.
  2. The company loves to delight you.
  3. Easy cancellation.
  4. Variety.
  5. Outstanding customer service.

In today's blog post, we talk about each of the five tips, a few things to avoid, and at the end, we share our favorite subscription boxes with you.

3 types of best subscription box

Tip No. 1: Make Sure The Subscription Box Has Quality Items

In a world where you can photoshop anything from your phone, it's essential to do some research to ensure you're signing up for a subscription box.

Look For Customer Reviews And Photos

An excellent way to ensure all the materials are good quality is to read the reviews and look for customer photos from past boxes. Often reputable companies will allow customers to showcase their own unboxing experience. Companies that are proud of what they offer want customers to share pictures and non-professional videos; and this transparency gives first-time buyers the necessary reassurance before signing up for their first monthly shipment.

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Call And Ask About Product Production

Another way you can ensure your first box includes what you are looking for is to call their customer support team and talk through how their products are made or where they are sourced. For example, if you are researching a quarterly subscription box that sends makeup samples, ask the representative if the products are tested in a cruelty-free manner.

Maybe They Offer A Sample-Doesn't Hurt To Ask

If you inquire about paper goodies from a different country, you can ask if they offer a starter kit or sample pack before making a more significant financial commitment. Don't ever be afraid to ask; they can always say no.

Use The Power Of Social Media

A third option is to post the question on your social media page and see if some of your friends or family have experience with this company. That way, you can have trusted recommendations directly from people you know.

Tip No. 2: Does The Company Take Time To Delight, Its Customers?

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Again, Look For Customer Photos

A good subscription box company will go above and beyond to make you feel special. In a world where a marketing team is a companies raving fans, they take the time to wrap your goods, and package with extra care.

Stunningly packaged subscription box incentivizes customers to want to share because they feel seen, cared for and it's Instagrammable. A good indicator that you will be in good hands when handing over your credit card information is when you see branding from a company all over the internet from unboxing videos and photos.

Little Extras Go A Long Way

Another way companies delight their customers is by adding in little extras now and again. This can be some loose leaf tea packets, maybe a free lotion sample, an extra soy candle to add to your self-care plan, or a handwritten note thanking you for your support.

It's the attention to detail that builds anticipation for the next delivery and shows that they appreciate your business.

Tip No. 3: Can You Cancel Your Subscription Box Anytime?

Whenever I signup for anything, I make it a point to see how easy it is to cancel. If I struggle to find it before I'm a customer, I never give them my credit card. This should be your standard when trying to discover the best subscription boxes.

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Canceling should be as easy as signing up, and the customer service team should be more than happy to help resolve any issues that arise.

It's also essential to have access to your account dashboard so that you can make changes, like skipping a shipment, without having to contact customer service.

Let's say you have a coffee subscription, but you were gifted a bunch of new brews over the holidays, so you want to skip a monthly delivery. Your dashboard should be easy that with a click of a button, you're all taken care of and don't have to worry about having coffee overflowing out of your cupboards.

Stitch fix has an incredible interface for this, and they allow you to downsize or increase the number of items in your box with ease using pictures and charts. They also allow you to skip a shipment, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time without hassle. Any company with great integrity should do the same.

Tip No. 4: Does The Company Offer A Variety Of Box Sizes?

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Variety is the spice of life. And good subscription box company offers different levels for their subscribers, allowing you to find the perfect gift and box right for your lifestyle.

Introductory Sized Box

Companies understand that you need to know them before you invest in an annual subscription, so they will offer monthly subscriptions starting at a meager cost. Birchbox does a great job with this by offering out their products for a low $12 monthly expense, and if you find that you love what they have to offer, then it's easy enough to upgrade your subscription.

For Bella Vida Candles, we offer monthly subscriptions and seasonal boxes. Our monthly packages include three tiers based on your level of candle obsession, and the first level has a low cost to our customers, starting at $20.00.

Some companies even offer a la carte items, like clothes or accessories, that you can add to your monthly box. Or, if you sign up for a maker crate with DIY home decor, they may offer add-ins based on the season.

Tip No. 5: You Want A Company With Remarkable Customer Service

When you're considering signing up for a subscription, reach out and say hello to their customer service team and ask them a question. See how fast they respond if you're talking to a robot or a human being and get a general sense of how it would be working with them.

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How Do I Check If A Company Is Trustworthy?

One way to check if a company is reputable is by reading customer reviews. If other customers have had a negative experience with the company, it is best to stay away.

Another way to check if a company is reputable is by checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB rates companies according to their customer service, complaints, and resolutions. You can also view the company's rating on different review websites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

If you're still unsure whether or not to sign up for a subscription, again reach out directly to the company and ask questions. Good companies will have no problem answering your questions and will be happy to help you make an informed decision.

When You See An Ad On A Social Platform

best subscription box social media research

Nowadays, we see a lot of ads when scrolling our favorite social apps. The graphics are compelling, the caption pulls us in, and we are ready to click, buy now or learn more. But we need to do our research and read the comments.

I have saved myself a lot of money by scrolling down and reading comments from unsatisfied customers that never received their drink subscriptions or have received poorly misrepresented items.

Social Proof Is Your Friend

A fantastic way to know if a company is a good investment is to see your friends talking about them. Once someone you know shares about a subscription service they signed up for, that's proof, and you can reach out to that friend with some follow-up questions.

Stay Away From Cold Sells

I do not prefer being targeted by companies on social platforms. When I open my messages and see I've been spammed by offers like; first month free for a themed box or some box subscription, I immediately delete and block. A method like this is too intrusive to be effective, and I recommend you pass on cold offers as well.

The Best Subscription Boxes:

best subscription boxes

Now that we have covered the criteria, let's go over my favorite subscription boxes:

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a clothing box where you get clothes tailored to your specific body type and style. A perk when you take their style quiz is getting a personal stylist to handpick new releases and trending items that are perfect for you.


Birchbox sends you a box of beauty samples each month.


FabFitFun sends you a box of full-sized beauty, fitness, and lifestyle products each season.

Stitch Fix, FabFitFun, and Birchbox all offer various items in their boxes so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. And if you're not happy with something that you receive, you can always send it back.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a clothing box service that sends you clothes tailored to your specific style and body type. Trunk Club is a little different in that you have the option to pick out the items that you want in your box, so you're guaranteed to get something that you'll love.

Bella Vida Candles

Our company, BVC, offers two types of subscription boxes; monthly and seasonal. And from each kind of box, you can choose from three tiers depending on the candle obsession level.

All of these companies are reputable and have excellent customer service, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Don't Forget Exclusive Discounts

subscription boxes candles discounts

One of the best things about subscribing to a box service is that you often get discounts on other products from the company. This can be anything from clothes and accessories to full-sized products to add to your self-care routine. If you're looking for an affordable way to update your wardrobe or stock up on cosmetics, transform your living space with a candle, then a subscription box could be perfect for you.

The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Perfect Gift

Subscription boxes make an excellent gift for a variety of age groups. Customize your packages to fit your loved ones' interests; it could be as specific as small-batch hot sauces or book of the month box. Your dad can have a monthly box of meals with step-by-step instructions. Boxes ship to your loved ones monthly, quarterly, seasonally, and annually.

The Best Subscription Boxes Are Ones That Make You Want More

You can't wait to see what's inside, and it feels like Christmas every time the box arrives on your doorstep. It doesn't matter if they're about clothes or candles; as long as it's something new for you to try, these monthly packages will always be a joyous occasion! We hope our tips help you on your journey to finding your perfect subscription service.

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