Top 10 Facts About Happiness

It feels wonderful to be happy.  That's why we seek out enjoyable activities or strive to strip stress away from our lives so we feel happier.

I think it's fun to learn more about, well everything.  So today I want to share with some fun things you may not know about happiness.

10 Amazing Facts About Happiness

  1. Doing good deeds triggers a high in the brain (which we interpret as happiness).
  2. It's contagious! Spending time with happy people makes us feel more happy.
  3. Happiness improves our immune system and keeps doctor visits at bay.
  4. Happy people live longer.  Which we could have guessed based on the previous fact.
  5. Laughter is the best medicine.  Studies show it is a very effective pain killer or patients in chronic pain.
  6. Being outdoors automatically increases our level of happiness (except when it's too humid and hot..maybe that's just me).
  7. Happy people take time to enjoy the little things.  They stop and smell the roses, they hold the door, they stop by and check on their elderly neighbors.
  8. People that are paid hourly are happier than someone paid on salary.
  9. Dressing for the way we want to feel does improve our mood and makes us feel happier.
  10. Tryptophan, found in nuts milk, and certain meets, signals our brain to release serotonin, our happy hormone.

There you have it! I'm sure you knew most of these facts but there were a few that were new to me, like number 10.

One that should have made the list but I saved it for the end: those of us that feel a sense of community, feel happier than those that don't.

That means, when you click off this article you should call your mom, a friend, or someone close and have a chat or set a time to meet up for a coffee date.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!