This Promise Changed My Life Forever

I will talk to myself like I talk to someone I love.

This promise changed my life.

I was in a course with Brené Brown and Oprah, and THIS was our challenge for seven days.

I remember thinking:

  • This exercise won’t work for me.
  • That my brain was too smart to be tricked by something so silly.

And yet, I so desperately wanted to even like myself, I gave it a try.

Day two, a flip switched in my brain.

It was a shift I knew would change my life forever, and it has.

Almost a decade later, this is still my go to thought if I ever get hard on myself.

And it snaps me right out of it.

It’s incredibly powerful.

Try it for yourself.

All you have to do is make the same promise, and commit to talking to yourself like you would someone you love, for seven days.

I guarantee you will feel the same shift.

And it will profoundly change your life and those around you, forever.