The Love Challenge: I'm Perfectly Imperfect

self love

The moment the doctor announced: It's a girl!

I promised myself and our baby, that I would never use the words, fat, ugly, or disgusting to describe myself again.  And I haven't.

Changing the way I spoke to myself was simple.

Accepting my worth was another feat.

My self-love journey began when our daughter was three, with a woman named Brené Brown.

To understand how far I have come and where I want to take you, you need to know where I began.

By my early 20s, I had already earned a doctorate in self-loathing.

I struggled with an eating disorder for over eight years, and even though others described my body as a perfect 10, I couldn't find one thing I liked about myself.

Fast-forward to my 40s, my stomach is stretched out from housing our babies, my butt sags, sometimes my arms flap when I'm not moving, and I love it!

I know without a doubt that I am worthy of all that life has to offer, and the number on a scale, the gap between my thighs, nor the flatness of my tummy will tell me otherwise.

In this challenge, I take the most powerful tools that transformed my perspective and share them with you.

The Love Challenge starts February 1st and ends February 5th.

You will find a very supportive community in our private Facebook group: Bella Vida Family.

Be prepared for radical self-acceptance.

And get ready to go deep, we only have five days after all!

Oh and don't forget, one lucky participant will receive a free gift at the end of our work together.

Sign up today!