Stuff a Box To Sniff!

We are so excited that you want to try out our scents!

What is a Sniffer Box?

It's your opportunity to try out six different scents for a low price and little commitment.  

How do I fill it?

Simply browse our scents like normal, and when you find a scent that you want to try, add it to your cart. 

We STRONGLY encourage you to go this route.  Each tin has a 12 hour burn life.  So combine that and you get an incredible 72 hours to enjoy all the different smells.  

Reasons to start off with a Sniffer Box:

  • Affordable
  • Not as big of a commitment
  • Sample many scents
  • Not as scary
  • And it sounds like fun!  Who doesn't want a Sniffer Box on their front step! Ha-ha.

Okay, what are you waiting for!? Get stuffn'!!