Self-Care Sunday: Accept What Cannot Change

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How well do you handle things out of your control?

For example, when you know what’s best for someone and they DON’T listen.

How about when there is a sudden change of plans or routine.

Or when you lose something and there isn’t a way to get it back.  Like an opportunity.

Acceptance is key.

When we don’t accept what we cannot control, we are stricken with fear, frustration, and regret.

Take a second to think of the last time you were fighting something out of your control.

Can you feel that icky sensation fill up your body?

Do you know what that feeling does to our time?

Steals it.

Fighting acceptance, robs us of the present moment.

That means you miss experiencing the joy when your 3-year old holds up a lego project all proud.

mom guilt

You miss truly connecting with your partner when they come give you a “welcome home” kiss.

Or when you take your walk, you miss the beauty that surrounds you.

slow down and enjoy the moment

Today, if you’re struggling accepting something that is out of your control, ask yourself this:

How much is this struggle taking away from my life, and loved ones?

I bet that sobering reality will give you the push you need to let it go and get back to living in the moment and not in your head.

Happy Sunday Candle 🕯 Family!

We hope you enjoy all the moments and wish us luck time testing!