I Played Hooky and Here's Three Compelling Reasons Why You Should Too

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Are you looking for a way to spend more quality time with your family without breaking the bank? If so, playing hooky is the thing for you! Taking a day off from work or school and doing fun activities with your loved ones can be a fantastic way to bond and make memories.

In this article, we will explore the idea of playing hooky and share some tips on making the most of your time together. So settle in and get ready to learn something new!

Ground Yourself In The Moment

strawberries and champagne scented candle

Before we begin, let's light our scented candle. Today, I chose Strawberries and Champagne! It's the perfect compliment to my mood.

Next, take a few moments to enjoy the flame dance. Breathe in (take the air into your belly), hold for two seconds, and slowly exhale. Repeat three times. Whisper, I'm ready to learn something new, and let's get started, friend!

Hooky Is A Tradition in My Family

Honestly, I love taking the kids out of school to run errands, stay home, or go shopping. My mom did the same with me when I was growing up.

We would run to town to pick up parts for the family business and always stop at Wendy's fast food restaurant on our way home.

I can still smell the food and taste the Frosty milkshake! Just good memories. So pulling my kids from school was familiar, but the idea was to create a mini adventure.

I want to go on a vacation so badly, but now is not an ideal time to jet off. So instead of leaving my heart unsettled and unsatisfied, I asked myself a fundamental question: why do I want to go on a trip?

What is it About Vacations that I Love so Much?

Besides getting an extended break from work demands, and the same scenery, it's more about quality time with my family making memories, and doing new things. That's when I had the aha moment that I could create a vacation experience with a mini adventure close to home.

There are so many restaurants, bake shops, and ice cream parlors near me that we have never tried. The more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the idea, and I decided to play hooky.

Why Play Hooky? 

The apparent reason is that playing hooky is fun! It's exhilarating to break the rules. Doing something opposite of what's expected and being a little naughty on purpose makes us feel youthful.

When this happens, you get an excellent deposit of feel-good neurotransmitters: adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, which make us feel alive! It's so exciting.

You Enjoy Your Time Away More

When you play hooky, especially if it's for a half day, as we did, you're so focused on the finite amount of time you don't look at your phone or worry about your inbox. You're in the present moment soaking up precious time.

In 25 Years, What Will Your Kids Talk About At Family Gatherings?

Fast forward a couple of decades, and what do you want your family to talk about while they reminisce about the good times gathered around the table during the holidays? How you went to work every day, and they never missed school or the times when they played hooky with mom? Yeah, hands down, I want the latter too.

This life is our one shot. Once our time is up, it's up. Let's not stick too closely to the rule book. Besides, rules are meant to be broken, or if that's too much for you, bent, at least!

Time Flies, and We Only Have a Little While

I used to roll my eyes when a grandparent would pinch my baby's cheek and say, "time flies. Make sure you enjoy them while you can!" While in my head, I thought if I could fast-forward some parts like teething and night-tares, I would.

But those wise souls were right, and now as I sit here enjoying the scent of my Strawberries and Champagne candle all around me, I look at three more years until my daughter launches into the world and our son a mere five years.

Now I am the old person warning you. This goes fast. Too damn fast. Our brains play tricks on us. Making us think we have all this time, but we don't. Weeks slip by, and suddenly they're another year older. And so are you.

You will never get today back, or this moment for that matter. Thank you, by the way, for spending it with me. But besides the fact that time is slipping through your fingers, I thought of another reason why mini-adventures may be the next best thing since sliced bread.

When You're Not Shelling Out $1000s, You Can Relax

Think about the last time you planned a big getaway. You took time off work, set up an out-of-office email auto-reply, paid daycare to hold your kids' slots until they returned, and you jetted off!

But it's always challenging, right? After we book and pay for the trip, we are on edge. The pressure to have the best time is too much! And so when the kids fight, all you want to do is yell, do you know how much money I just spent on you?? I swear to heaven if you ruin this trip!

There Might Be a Better Way

Imagine taking a half day of your precious PTO, grabbing a child (preferably your own) or your family. Spending $300 and have the time of your life creating memories. It's possible, and I'm going to teach you how.

How Do I Plan A Hooky Day?

Take action

In the next week, pick a 1/2 day off for personal reasons. Next, pick a child, or take your entire family. And if you don't have kids, no problem, do this for yourself or with your BFF, sister, or mom.

Then based on your companion of choice, decide what you can do and where you'll go. Make sure you add novel experiences. That's where you'll feel like you're on a true mini-adventure.

How I Made Our Typical Trip to The Mall Novel

Recently son, mom, and I played hooky starting at 9 am. We only had until 1 pm to cram in as much fun as possible because he had some tests to return to.

Since every moment had to count, we started our adventure one mile from the school at his favorite gas station. He got to go in and pick out whatever we wanted because we were on an experience. 

Next, we drove to the Mall of America, which we frequent as a family, but this is how I added novelty. We tried a new smoothie shop, ate different treats, and rode together at the amusement park.

When we shopped in his favorite stores, he got anything he wanted, which is also different because we only sometimes go to the mall to shop. Mostly we go to eat and walk around during the subzero winter months.

I Invested Less Than $300, and My ROI: Priceless

What I Want You to Know

We had so much fun on our four-and-a-half-hour trip (yeah, we were a little late due to the rides being way too addicting--but we were on an adventure). No stress, no fighting, tons of quality time, and beautiful memories made. Next week I plan to take my daughter, and then in two weeks, my husband.

You can do this as a family or break it up as I did. I chose to do it that way because I know our kids thrive on one-on-one time, and the thought of having them all to myself, well, I couldn't resist.

Bring It Home: Main Takeaways

Before I get super deep and sign off, let's bring our attention to our scented candle. Watch the glorious flame and take a big belly breath in. Hold it for two seconds. And exhale (sigh out like a lion). Repeat two more times.

I like to share these moments with you because life is busy, and if we slow down together and savor a moment, we both walk away from our time together feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Real Talk

I can't wait for you to try this and come back and tell me what a blast you had. Whether you can't go on a vacation for financial reasons, health stuff, or maybe you're like me, and you need to focus on a significant test and study, you're behind off. Whatever the reason, you must take action today and PLAY HOOKY.

It's more fun than going on the weekend, less pressure, and you savor the time more because it's so finite. Your goal is to look at your calendar right now, pick one 4-5 hour block of time and then plan what you will do.

So tell me, did I convince you to break the rules and make sweet memories?