How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Strangers on the Internet

Stop comparing myself to strangers on the internet

Comparing yourself to others is natural.

It's a primal mechanism designed to keep us aligned with societal norms.  To lower the risk of being rejected by our tribe or community.

A survival tool to be used sparingly.  NOT something to be used multiple times a day on social media.

How do you manage something that is natural to do, yet tares you down bit by bit?

  1. A Social Media Diet
  2. Accept What You See Online is Not Reality
  3. When You Compare, Challenge Your Thoughts

How Many Times Do We Check Our Phones A Day?

Studies say we check our phones 96 times a day.  I'm going to say that one more time: 96 a day!

That's once every ten minutes.

When I read that, the air deflated out of my lungs.  Think of all the moments we miss, by looking down.

Let's limit this to our morning check in, break time check in, 3pm check in (when you're bored at work), and wrap up on social by 8pm.  Doesn't that seem healthier?

What You See is a Persona

It's an illusion of what someone wants you to see.

Their personal smoke screen.

The perfect shot took many tries, filters, and angle changes.

The 'look at my perfect life' posts are usually not as they appear.  Think about it, if you were blissfully happy and content would you spend hours a day posting about how happy your life is on social media or would you simply live your amazing life?

Challenge Those Thoughts!

Let's say you follow Sarah on social and she has it all together. 

Every time you see a post of hers you compare yourself to her.

You then take inventory of yourself, with unwashed hair, in your old high school track pants and think, I could never have the life she does.

    Well that's not true.  First of all, you don't know if she has it all together.  She posts photos that make it appear as if she does, but that doesn't mean it's true.

    And honestly, if you washed your hair and changed your clothes, you would feel amazing too.

    It's far too easy to assume that what you see on social is reality.  Like humans have this innate urge to trust.

    But in today's world when everyone strives to appear perfect, you have to question everything you see.

    Otherwise you risk your sanity comparing yourself to perfect personas all day long.

    Try the social media diet today and only check it in the morning, twice during the work day, and be done by 8pm at night.  That's four checks and trust me, you won't miss a thing.

    Then see how much better you feel laying your imperfect head on your pillow at night.