How to Feel Accomplished Doing Small Tasks

how to feel accomplished doing small things

With our to-do list constantly growing, it's easy to have that overwhelmed feeling and not feel accomplished.

So what can you? 

First, let's remember a time that you did feel productive and like you had your you know what together.

I bet it was the last time you had the house to yourself, you cranked the music, and dove into clean mode.

At the end, you lit your candle, poured your wine, and sat down to admire your hard work.

What a wonderful feeling AND sadly those days don't come around that often.

So how can you illicit that feeling on a more realistic scale?

Grab your notebook and paper and let's dive in.

How to better manage stress

1.  What stresses me out the most?

Is it the messy command center?  Is it the dried food speckled on the garbage can?  Is it getting dressed in the morning because your closet is overwhelming?

2.  Make a list of all the things that REALLY steal your joy.

3.  What's the one thing on your list that will take 20 minutes or less to accomplish?

4. Circle it, and put your notebook down.

Now, set a timer for 20 minutes, and go to town scrubbing, purging, or organizing.

how to get small tasks done

Once the timer is done, you can choose to continue if your tasks requires it, or you can sit back and admire what you just accomplished.

The next time you have a chunk of time, go back to that list and pick another item to cross off.

Pro Tip:

When you do go at a task like this, your brain is less intimidated by the workload and more willing to jump in and get it done.

I hope this helps and remember once you feel like you have accomplished something, let the roll into a self-care routine.

relax and enjoy your accomplishment