How To Declutter Your Home After The Holidays

We fill the holidays with warm twinkling lights, get-togethers, and lots of stuff. So much that we are ready to declutter and start fresh by the time January arrives.

How to Declutter Your Home After The Holidays

 how to declutter your home

The first step is to break it down into bite-sized chunks.

Think back to when you were a kid and your parents told you to clean up a big mess, and it felt overwhelming and impossible. Depending on how your brain worked, your parents may have helped you start by providing structure.

The truth is, no matter your brain type, everyone thrives on step-by-step instructions.

Enter in the adult solution to feeling overwhelmed when looking for decluttering your home after the holidays, The 14-Day Clear Out Challenge.

What Is The 14-Day Clear Out Challenge?

how to declutter your home

It's a challenge that provides you with daily tasks to declutter your home. We have broken down this massive undertaking into manageable actions that will have your home clutter-free in as little as 15-minutes a day.

How Does The Challenge Work?

It's straightforward, and the best part, it's free. If you're ready to declutter your home and start 2022 with more organization and less stress, text: declutter to: 833-567-5484.

how to declutter your home

Starting January 3rd, you'll receive a daily text at 11 am CST with an easy decluttering task that will take you less than 15-minutes. These texts will arrive right on your phone for 14-days straight. By the end of the two weeks, you will feel lighter, calmer, and ready to start fresh for 2022.

Why Should You Declutter Your Home?

Clutter messes us up in significant ways, and it steals our time, joy and increases our anxiety. Next week, I plan to dive deeper into the science behind what clutter does to us mentally and physiologically.

For now, I wanted to let you know about the challenge so you can continue to enjoy the holidays knowing the help is on the way come January 3rd.