How Gratitude Will Change Your Life

Fall is the perfect time to slow down and reflect on what has past and what is to come.

2020 has certainly been a year.

So many new experiences, lots of uncertainty, and adapting to a completely new way of life.

We can look at the pandemic as this horrible thing that happened to us.

Or we can look at it through the lens of gratitude.

Trust me, being thankful is the quickest way to brighten your perspective.

Even the experts at Harvard University said that giving thanks does make you a happier person.

And you can use this tool with anything that comes your way.

You didn’t get into a college you were obsessing over.

That’s okay, maybe a research project is waiting for you at the university down the road.

Or the love of your life, like what happened to me.

Someone or something threatens your livelihood.

Level up!

Use that terrifying feeling as fuel to branch off into a new adventure.

When COVID hit, we were scared, and look what that has done for us.

We now make candles, have an entire candle family, and are off on a completely new adventure building a business that helps other parents.

I know these are just a couple examples, but I truly believe if you can look at life with grateful eyes, the you want to be apart of opens up to you.

You know I love this question!

What are you grateful for today?