Discover 10 Powerful Ways Decluttering Will Improve Your Health

Did you know, decluttering your home improves your health?

Scientists have proven for decades that clutter increases cortisol, raises anxiety, disrupts sleep, and causes us to lose focus.

The holidays bring cheer and a lot of new stuff! That's why the new year is the ideal time to declutter your home.

10 Ways Decluttering Your Home Improves Your Health

decluttering your home improves your health

  1. Decluttering Improves Your Quality of Life: When you live in an abundance of things, your brain spins out of control, documenting everything it sees. Too much input can cause unnecessary stress on your body, lowering your quality of life.
  2. Decluttering Increases Joy: Life is good when you have time to enjoy your space and family. Having less to manage allows you to focus on having fun and relaxing.
  3. Decluttering Can Improve Mental Health: Clutter messes humans up. When too much stuff resides in one space, cortisol pumps out in excess, causing anxiety and depression symptoms to creep in along with other side effects from cortisol.
  4. Decluttering Improves Serenity: You know those nights when you can't relax until the dishes are done? For most of us, there is a low-key feeling that we can't feel content in our homes unless we remove the clutter. It's subconscious. So we walk around our homes feeling unsettled like we can't sit still. Decluttering helps naturally soothe our bodies.
  5. Decluttering Gives You Freedom: You can run and play more when you have less to manage.
  6. Decluttering Improves Your Relationship: What? Yes! When you are not managing a bunch of stuff, you get to spend more time together. Or when there is less to be stressed about, you can have fun and relax. Trust me. Less is so much more.
  7. Decluttering Gives You Energy: Like coffee. We don't even realize it, but our energy level drains automatically from having too much stuff around us. Like I mentioned in number one, your brain is constantly working on your behalf, so you don't know it, but it's using up energy documenting the piles here and there, in every room. Once you declutter your home, your brain can stop wasting energy doing that; you will feel like doing more enjoyable things by the end of the day.
  8. Decluttering Saves You Money: How? Ever buy something and then find out you already had it? We've all been there. When we have too much, it's hard to know what all we have. Once you declutter and organize, you'll know right where everything is and if you genuinely need to spend money or go to the hallway closet and grab what you need.
  9. Decluttering Gives You Space: You get more room when you declutter. It's incredible how much space you gain when you have less.
  10. Decluttering Gives You More Time: This is my favorite. Gretchen Rubin said we spend one hour a day looking for things. What would you do with an extra hour in your day?

It's phenomenal when you step back and look at how much clutter hurts us and how much our lives improve when we declutter.

Free 14-Day Clear Out Challenge Starts January 3rd

 decluttering your home

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