Holiday Candles: What's In Our Christmas Sniffer Box

The magical season of Christmas fills us with love, cheer, and the spirit of giving.

The candles we light in our home, evoke nostalgia and create an environment for more memories to be made with our children.

What's In The Christmas Sniffer Box?

The Christmas Sniffer Box gives you a sneak peek into this season's scents before the collection is released!

  • Choose from our 2-ounce gold tins or 2-ounce modern glass jars.
  • Each box includes the six scents from our Christmas collection. 
  • Enjoy 12 hours of burn life per vessel!  Each sniffer box is packed with 72 hours of festive fun. 

Without further ado here's the enchanting Christmas lineup!

Christmas Morning:

Christmas morning soy candle

Full of cozy cheer. Wrapped in your favorite throw, fresh cup of coffee in hand, you sit with great anticipation for your kids to wake up and come bounding down the stairs. You've waited all season for that moment when their faces light up at the sight of what's under the tree.

The smell of homemade sticky buns, frosted ginger, and sweet vanilla pour out of the kitchen, while you watch them unwrap each thoughtful gift.

Alpine Christmas:

alpine Christmas soy candle

A warm and joyful scent with fresh balsam notes blended with clove and cinnamon held together with a woody musk from sandalwood and cedarwood.

Christmas Bake Shop:

christmas bake shop soy candle

Walking into the bakeshop your senses are greeted with seasonal cheer. The welcoming aroma from the fresh buttery baked goods, sugared vanilla, warm cinnamon, with hints of maple.

Santa sitting over in the corn of the shop talking with the kids about their Christmas wishes.

And softly in the background, you can make out the words to Jingle Bell Rock, a childhood favorite.

This candle will have you longing for a trip to your local bakery.

Santa's Workshop Soy Candle:

Santa's workshop soy candle

When I imagine the North Pole I see mounds of glistening snow, strands of multicolored lights hung all around, and little chitter-chatter from the elves crafting the toys for all the boys and girls.

And everywhere I go I would smell sweet peppermint sticks, mixed with creamy vanilla.  This is what I always imagine Santa's Workshop.

Christmas Tree Soy Candle:

christmas tree soy candle

Whether you're a diehard Christmas enthusiast that goes for the fresh-cut tree or you stick with the dramatically less messy Blue Spruce from Target, you want your home to smell like a farm-fresh pine.

A pop of citrus, crisp apple to sweeten, fresh pine needles, balsam, and cedar.  This literally smells like a Christmas tree.

Christmas 365 Soy Candle:

christmas 365 soy candle best seller

Our most loved Christmas candle.  Named it after one of my favorite Hallmark movies.

A nostalgic blend of fresh greens and a splash of fruit and it's held together with juniper and sage.

This is a very complex, layered fragrance that will transform your home into all things Christmas.

When Can You Get Your Sniffer Box?

The first opportunity to grab your sniffer box is October 1st. To receive a reminder text: BELLAVIDA to: 833-567-5484 today!