Gifts For Men For Anniversary Or Christmas

Is it just me or are guys harder to buy for the longer you're together?

I can see now why my mom resorted to the practical underwear and socks gift under the tree year after year.

One year I planned ahead and gave my husband a wad of cash for his birthday. He loved it, but he never used it for anything special for himself, which took the fun out of it for me and I never did it again.

Whether you're looking for an anniversary gift for him or something special for Christmas morning, this gift guide has amazing gift ideas for men, so let's get started:

Gift Idea #1: The Yeti Coffee Mug

anniversary gifts for men

If your man is a coffee lover, chances are he likes it H-O-T.  Keep his morning brew nice and steamy with this double insulated stainless steel mug.  Pick up a 14 ounce Yeti mug for around $30.00.

Gift Idea #2: Comfy Ugg Slippers

ugg slippers for men

For the man that works on his feet all day to the guy that has to wear business attire, nothing beats getting home and slipping into a comfy pair of Ugg slippers. Pick up these Scuff slip on slippers for 79.95.

Gift Idea #3: Butcher Box Subscription

anniversary gift for men

This has been my husband's favorite gift in the 15-years that we've been together.  If your man loves to grill and eat quality grass fed beef, free range chicken, and wild caught sea food, this is an incredible subscription box. Customize your butcher box today!

Gift Idea #4: Dough Bowl Candle

anniversary gift for men

Yes, I said a candle for your man.  Hear me out, my husband has never been a candle guy.  He burns them, enjoys that I burn them, but would never go out and purchase one for himself, until he was introduced to the Dough Bowl Candle.

This rustic piece serves as a candle and a home decor item for your coffee table, mantel, and dining room table. You can even choose to have crackling wooden wicks or braided cotton. Give him a relaxing experience after a long day at work. Dough Bowl Candles start around $40.00.

 Gift Idea #5: Nintendo Switch Lite

anniversary gift for men

For the gamer in your life, this is a fun little gadget to help him take his mind off the stress and worries from the work day.  Give him a reason to put his feet up and transport into a world of play. Nintendo Switch Lite starts at $199.00

Gift Idea #6: Dollar Shave Club

Gift ideas for men

I know my man is all about convenience, if that sounds familiar consider checking out The Dollar Shave Club.  It's a subscription box service that will prevent him from having to run out and buy more blades after a long day at work and keep him stocked up on all the man pampering supplies he needs. Learn more about how to get started and what levels they offer today!

Gift Idea #7: Toasty Beanie

anniversary gift for men

We live in Minnesota, and yes the winters are that bad, haha. But one thing we have a stock pile of is Carhartt Beanies. They will keep his pretty little head nice and warm even on the most blustery of days. And the best part, they are super affordable starting at $16.99.

Gift Idea #8: Heated Socks

heated socks anniversary gift for men

Speaking of cold weather, my husband suffers from extremely poor circulation. After weeks of research I found these very affordable heated socks. He's used them through two Minnesota winters now and absolutely loves them.  And for only $42.99 can you really go wrong?

Gift Idea #9: Sonos Speaker

anniversary gift for him

On a trip to Virginia Beach we stayed in a suit that had in the wall speakers in every room.  It was that trip that reminded me how much music affects my husband. He was in the best mood even with the kids being total walking disasters.

I came home and started researching bluetooth speakers and found Sonos.

The quality is superb and you can connect as many speakers as you want.  Have one or 10 there are no minimus or limits.  That means if he loves the speaker you can add another one to his collection each holiday that comes around. These incredible speakers are $179.99.

Gift Idea #10: Drone

gifts for men

For the man that loves to play with is toys this drone will keep him entertained for hours! He can build his own flight paths, set it to follow and record his moves automatically and have it safely return with its GPS auto return home feature.  The best part is, it's only $169.99.

See I told you, lots of amazing choices in this gift guide. But remember, when he says, I don't need or want anything, he truly does mean it.  And it's always nice to be thought of and delighted with a gift we never knew we wanted.

Happy gifting!