Fall Asleep Faster With This 5 Minute Hack

Did you know when you sleep your brain's plasticity increases?

What is that and why the heck is it important?

Brain plasticity is how much our brain can easily process information.  If we sleep poorly, our brain struggles to retrieve information and also remember things for the future.  Can anyone say brain fog?

A lot can affect our sleep, looking at electronics too late into the evening, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, eating a huge meal before bed, and having too much on our minds.

Raise your hand if your brain loves to remind you of all the things you forgot to do and the list of to-dos for the following day the minute your head hits the pillow.

I used to struggle with this so often that I did some research a few years back and learned a five minute hack that quieted my racing thoughts.

5 Minute Hack To Fall Asleep Faster:

Have a journal beside your bed and write down everything you accomplished that day, or make a list of the things you forgot to do and need to complete tomorrow.

That way your brain automatically realizes it doesn't have to keep remembering the tasks and it can simply unplug and drift off into the sweet dream abyss.

3 Additional Things To Try And Improve Your Sleep:

  • Stop all caffeinated beverages at 3 pm.
  • Instead of scrolling your phone at night, pick up a paper back book.  Countless studies have shown your brain stays more active when looking at a device versus reading a plain book.
  • Have a nightly ritual so you signal to your brain that it's bed time.  For example, take a shower, apply night cream, make a cup of sleepy time tea, get into bed, have a dim light on to do your five minute journal exercise, then read for a bit and... goodnight.

I hope this helps.  It's so frustration when all we want is a good nights sleep but we can't turn off our brains.  I promise you this hack changed my life and so many good things happen besides increased brain plasticity when you sleep well.

Good luck and let me know on our social channels if this worked for! You can find me hanging out on Instagram @Bellavidacandles or in our private Facebook group: Bella Vida Family.