Don't Let the Comparison Game Steal Your Moments

When you scroll, what thoughts run through your mind?

Just pause and think about this.

I firmly believe there is a healthy aspect of comparing ourselves to others.

It’s in our DNA to ensure we don’t get to far off from societal norms and get kicked out of our tribe.

Remember we are pack animals.

AND I feel like that tiny little part of us that keeps us in community with others has been magnified in the world we live in today.

If you have been following along in the stories on Instagram, yesterday we talked about the impact that comparison can have on our level of happiness.

And so I want to continue that talk over here.

When you see a perfect family photo at the pumpkin 🎃 patch, do you think:

Such a cute family 💕, I’m happy for them.

OR do you say:

Ugh, 😞my family would never be that good to take a color coordinated photo.

Or, I wish I had her hair, my top knot looks like a rats nest.

So often it’s a negative😩 thought, and we end up on the short end of the stick EVERY time.

All these little micro slams 💥 add up to really impact the way we see our self-worth.

In order to safe guard ourselves just a bit, I want you to try something today.

Just ☝🏼 day.

If you tend to compare yourself/your life, to others on the internet, simply change the story line that pops into your head.

When we see that perfect photo 📸, our 🧠 kicks it into high gear fantasizing about how wonderful their ENTIRE life is.

Fight the urge to fantasize and sprinkle some real life into the narrative.

For example, they probably had to fight their toddler into that flannel, I know that has to be hot and scratchy for him.

The car ride there was probably a hot mess having three kids in the back seat screaming, Tommy is touching me!

You get the point.

A photo is a moment captured in time, not real life.

When we use social media we need to keep ourselves grounded and remember that.

Okay 🕯 family! It’s a BIG day at the practice.

I hope you enjoy all the moments of your Wednesday!