Don't Be Afraid, Take the Leap

Hands up if you have ever said one of the following:

Once I have more time, then I’ll go after my dreams.

Once I lose _X_ amount of weight, then I’ll go swimming with my kids.

Once we have more money saved, then I can cut back at work.

Once I do this, or learn that, then I can take the leap.


Our brains actually rationalize our situation to keep us stuck.

When the kids were younger, I used to say all the things.

And you NEVER saw me in the pool.

I was the clothed mommy on the sidelines.

Until I asked myself this question and it dramatically changed my mindset:

Do want to be the mommy with the perfect body?

Or do I want to be the mommy that goes all in, flaws and all, and wastes NO time on things that don’t matter.

Obviously, I stripped down and dove in.

Don’t worry, I had a suit on underneath.

But once I over came that hurdle I realized, a lot of my dreams and desires were hindered by a limited mindset.
freedom to go after dreams
Your turn.

What keeps you stuck?

AND what if you took the plunge, knowing you have what it takes to get started, and then learn as you go?

What if changing your mindset is all it takes?

Hmmmm thoughts to ponder today.

AND hopefully some actions to take!

Enjoy your day candle family!