Discover the Essence of Summer: Introducing the Exclusive Summer Sniffer Box

As the golden hues of summer unfold, it’s time to transform your environment with scents that capture the season's vibrant spirit. Bella Vida Candles is excited to reveal our most anticipated candle collection of the year—the Summer Candle Sniffer Box.

Limited in availability, this exclusive collection offers a journey through four uniquely crafted scents, each contained in a 2oz hand-poured soy candle with a 12-hour burn life. Whether you are looking to energize your mornings or unwind during warm summer nights, these candles are your perfect companions.

Sun-Ripened Citrus

Imagine wandering through a sunlit citrus grove, the air thick with the scent of peak ripeness. Our Sun-Ripened Citrus soy candle captures this vivid experience with zesty notes of freshly cut grapefruit and juicy lemon, softened by the luscious sweetness of watermelon. A spicy hint of orange and a dash of invigorating mint complete this lively and uplifting fragrance, perfect for adding a burst of energy to any room.

Coastal Paradise

Let the Coastal Paradise soy candle whisk you away to a serene beachside retreat where the waves gently kiss the shore under a clear blue sky. This tranquil scent marries the freshness of aquatic high tide and the earthy crispness of driftwood, while succulent blackberry and lush sage bring a complexity that paints a picture of your perfect coastal escape.

Lush Meadow

Step lightly into the vibrant, verdant heart of a sprawling meadow with our Lush Meadow soy candle. Dominated by the fresh, green aroma of newly mown grass and sweetened by the delicate allure of honeysuckle, this scent is layered with the zest of lemon and the cool, refreshing notes of tea leaves and cucumber. It’s like a breath of fresh air, renewing your spirit with every inhale.

Northwoods Campfire

Conclude your olfactory journey with the Northwoods Campfire soy candle, evoking the comforting essence of a crackling campfire under a star-studded northern sky. Rich with the earthy tones of balsam fir and sweetened by marshmallow fireside, this warm, inviting aroma is deepened with luxurious tobacco and caramel, while a hint of vanilla provides a smooth, creamy finish.

Limited Edition - Uncover a Hidden Treasure

Here's a delightful incentive to explore our Summer Candle Sniffer Box: if you find the Lush Meadow soy candle with its distinctive green-tinted wax, you'll win our special Candle Mug Gift Set, which includes a stylish Rae Dunn coffee mug, a 2oz hand-poured candle, and a Target gift card. It’s our way of adding a little extra joy to your candle discovery.

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Let’s make this summer unforgettable with scents that inspire, comfort, and transform. Get ready to light up your world with Bella Vida Candles’ Summer Sniffer Box—where every candle has a story and every sniff brings a smile. Be quick to capture the essence of summer, as these candles won’t stay on the shelves for long!