Christmas Candle Collection

If you're from New Prague, Minnesota and you have driven by our home, you know how crazy I get decorating for the holidays.

That display of affection for this time of year can give you a sneak peek into how careful I was choosing the scents for this collection.

Christmas is a time of year that fills us up with love, magic, and the spirit of giving.

The candles we light in our homes, evoke nostalgia and create an environment where more memories can be made with our children.

Without further ado here's the Christmas lineup!

Christmas sniffer box soy candles

Roasted Pine Cone Soy Candle:

roasted pine cone soy candle

Crisp pine notes, some sandalwood, a hint of berries, and sweetened with vanilla.

Christmas Cookies Soy Candle:

christmas cookies soy candle

The sweetest, most buttery vanilla cookie you could ever sniff.  This is amazing!

Santa's Workshop Soy Candle:

santa's workshop soy candle

If you ever got to visit the North Pole, what would it smell like?

This candle, guaranteed! Sweet peppermint sticks, mixed with creamy vanilla.

Christmas Tree Soy Candle:

christmas tree soy candle

A pop of citrus, crisp apple to sweeten, fresh pine needles, balsam, and cedar.  This literally smells like a Christmas tree.

Christmas 365 Soy Candle:

christmas 365 soy candle

This is our best selling Christmas candle.  And I named after one of my favorite Hallmark movies.  A nostalgic blend of fresh greens and a splash of fruit and it's held together with juniper and sage.

This is a very complex, layered fragrance that will have you saying, yep I can see why this is a best seller haha.

Christmas Cottage Soy Candle:

Christmas cottage soy candle

Frosted ginger, sticky buns, and sweet vanilla.  You literally can smell each note in this lovely holiday scent.

Christmas scent addiction

Don't worry, my addition to buying fragrance oils serves you just as much as it does me.

Here are other scents that will be available this season (because I can't stop buying!):

Peppermint Mocha

Mistletoe Kisses

Farmhouse Christmas

Mrs. Claus

Alpine Christmas

bella vida family time

If you are new to our website and launches, welcome.

How we manage our workload and family time is that we do planned restocks.

So after the grand launch (October 23rd 10am CST) of our Christmas scents (and we sell out quickly so please be on time), we will take a break, play with our kids, enjoy our laid back lifestyle.

Then in 2-3 weeks, we open the doors on the website and launch a restock of all your favorite holiday scents. 

For our fall collection we did a launch, and two restocks.

Christmas will probably have couple more restock days, we will just see how it works with our life.

All the announcements are made first on our Instagram stories, so if you don't follow us there, please do.

Okay candle family!  I'm so excited to pour these amazing scents today and get them ready for your homes.  I will talk to you later in the stories and DMs.  Enjoy your Tuesday morning!