Choose to Care for Yourself

Self care tips

I’m NERVOUS to start this story, and I feel like it could help others…

About 9 years ago I was getting ready in our master bathroom.

James opened the door to show me a monster truck.

I happen to look into the mirror… and in the reflection, I saw Ryan looking at me.

Looking at me… And my completely NAKED body.

My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest.

Ryan had never seen me fully naked, standing up, in the daylight.

OMG, I was so ashamed.

I looked into the mirror to review what he most likely saw.

And you will NEVER guess what happened:

My miracle 😭.

My eyes locked into my gaze staring back at me and I began to laugh, as tears poured out.

Self-care ideas

In that moment, my disgust and self-hatred melted into self-compassion.

The next part is freaking crazy, I still cannot believe that I did this.

I felt this surge pulsate through my body, I opened the door, walked out into the kitchen, naked, vulnerable, and I got a cup of water.

I can feel that moment in every fiber of my body as I write this.

I felt so damn proud.

I like to imagine that was my coming out.

Coming out from behind a heavy shadow that plagued me for years.

And in that bathroom, on a random Tuesday, I chose to start caring about myself.

It was like that had to happen in order for me to be freed from the shackles of my internal prison.

Today, take inventory of how well you care for yourself.


And my hope is that you can join me this week as we talk about our health and self-love.