Breathe In Spring: Refresh Your Home With the Perfect Soy Candle

Nestled in the cozy embrace of our candle studio, my husband Ryan and I, the heart and soul behind Bella Vida Candles, invite you into our world of artisanal creation. Every candle, especially our latest masterpiece, Spring Awakening, is a labor of love, a piece of our hearts poured into each vessel.

Join us as we unveil the story of Spring Awakening, a hand-poured candle that captures the essence of the transition from spring to summer, crafted with care, passion, and a touch of mystery.

Our Studio: A Sanctuary of Creation

Step into our sanctuary, where the inviting scent of soy wax mingles with the subtle notes of our carefully chosen oils. This is where the magic happens, where Ryan and I blend artistry with craftsmanship to create something truly unique.

Our roles intertwine, with Ryan focusing on the precision of the pour. At the same time, I curate the scent blends, each candle crafted with the intention of bringing a piece of our Bella Vida—our beautiful life—into your home.

The Alchemy of Spring Awakening

With Spring Awakening, we sought to encapsulate the fleeting beauty of dawn's first light, the warmth of sun-kissed skin, and the promise of new beginnings. The journey to its final scent blend was inspired by a combination of our shared memories of spring mornings and the anticipatory warmth of summer evenings.

Although the specific oils remain our cherished secret, imagine a delicate dance of floral and woody notes with a whisper of strawberry sweetness, creating a scent that is as comforting as it is invigorating.

Artistry Encased in Elegance

Our pride, the Spring Awakening, finds its home in a luxurious 17-ounce triple-wick gloss white vessel, complete with a bronze metal lid that speaks to the candle's exclusivity.

Each piece, presented without labels, offers a sleek and versatile design, chosen for its simplicity and environmental mindfulness, making it effortlessly adaptable to any decorating style.

Accompanying each candle is a card that outlines its unique scent profile, the date it was poured, and its generous burn time of up to 55 hours. Available in limited editions—each marked, for example, as "2 out of 9" or "1 out of 11"—these candles are a testament to our commitment to creating moments of beauty and tranquility in every home.

The Voices of Bella Vida: Our Community Speaks

Our Bella Vida family has embraced Spring Awakening with open arms, and their words fill our hearts with joy. Here are a few whispers of love and appreciation from those who have experienced the magic:

Kim Doran's Reflection: "Spring Awakening is pleasantly mild and comforting, with a subtle woodsy floral edge. My husband said, 'It smells good like it should,' while my son exclaimed, 'It smells like Fruity Pebbles.' A scent that brings joy and comfort to our whole family."


Katie Duckworth's Praise: "The smell of sweet fruit tingles your senses while tones of creamy vanilla warm them. The initial notes remind me of a delicious pink Starburst! Lavender hints and soft earthy undertones mixed with bright, creamy fruit make this the perfect transition candle from spring into summer."


Chloe Jones' Enchantment: "This scent is pure magic, giving me the most nostalgic vibes. The name is perfect; it's so fresh and bright and has a cozy, luxurious, berry smell that makes me want to eat it! So so good."

Transform Your Space with Spring Awakening

Imagine the transformative power of Spring Awakening as it begins to unfurl its scent in your home. Picture this elegant, label-free candle perched gracefully on your coffee table or nestling into a cozy corner of your reading nook.

As the triple wicks gently flicker to life, a cascade of delicate scents washes over the room, weaving a tapestry of comfort, renewal, and subtle joy that only spring can bring. The unique aroma of Spring Awakening invites a sense of peace, a breath of fresh air after the long, cold months.

Envision yourself unwinding in this newly transformed sanctuary, where every inhale draws in the promise of new beginnings and every exhale releases the remnants of winter's chill.

This candle lights up your room and changes the very ambiance, coloring your space with the hues of awakening nature and the warmth of sun-kissed afternoons. Let Spring Awakening be the catalyst for this beautiful transformation, creating a haven of serenity and rejuvenation in your home.

Join Our Journey

As Ryan and I continue this journey, hand-pouring each candle with love and care, we invite you to become part of our story. By joining our VIP list, you ensure first access to these exclusive creations and the chance to imbue your space with the essence of spring. Text 'VIP' to 833-567-5484 to join our Bella Vida Candles VIP circle.

As a VIP, you'll be the first to know when our limited editions, like Spring Awakening, are ready to grace your home. This exclusivity not only promises you the essence of the season but also invites you to special events and previews of our future creations, adding a layer of anticipation and excitement to your experience with us.

Closing Thoughts from Our Hearts

We hope this behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of Spring Awakening has drawn you closer to the essence of Bella Vida Candles. Each candle we create, including Spring Awakening, invites us to experience the beauty of the changing seasons through our eyes and hearts.

In welcoming this exclusive creation into your home, you're not just lighting a candle but kindling a connection to the art of living beautifully, one flame at a time.