Best Smelling and Selling Soy Candles

Online shopping

We get it.  It's so hard to buy a candle online, let alone know which scent is the one that you want to smell for 45-60 hours.

That's why we have put together the best sellers collection.

And it wasn't easy to make the list.  Each scent had to hit over 4 figures in sales, receive multiple raving reviews, and pass our own sniffer test.

So here they are:

Our number one best selling soy candle is Cashmere Cedar.

cashmere scented soy candle

Once you sniff you won't be able to stop.  It's that good.

Trust us, we have multiple members of our candle family say that they don't want a day to go by where this scented soy candle isn't apart of their life.

With a blend of sugary vanilla, jasmine, and smooth musks, it is hands down my favorite scent.

Next up Kentucky Bourbon: 

Kentucky Bourbon scent soy candle

This is the scented candle that turned Ryan into a candle lover.  And so many of our guy customers love this scent.

The intoxicating blend of bourbon, geranium, woody cedar, and vetiver is so smooth.  It is certainly a smell that pulls you into the room.  

Rosemary + MInt Soy Candle:

Rosemary + Mint Soy candle scent

A perfect blend of fresh rosemary herb and mint leaf.  This is hands down our most powerful hot throwing candle.

Another way to know what this candle smells like, is if you have ever used Aveda's Rosemary and Mint shampoo or conditioner.  It's like a carbon copy to that uplifting aroma.

The next one is a no brainer as to why it's a best seller.

Coffee + Sugar Soy Candle: 

coffee and sugar soy scented candle

Bring a hot cup of fresh brewed Brazilian coffee to your nose and slowly inhale.  It's so good. 

This scent was recently added to the website and immediately it exploded onto the best sellers list.  

Okay, before we go into the next best sellers let me explain one component in the candles.  Tobacco.

The first time we went to a Makers Market we had so many confused looks.  Because they thought we were selling tobacco! Haha.

But once they tried it, it quickly made our best sellers list.  

Without further ado here are the final two best selling candle scents:

Tobacco + Bay Leaf:

tobacco and bay leaf soy candle

A smooth masculine fragrance with citrus top, exotic florals, and amber musk.

I think this is the most unique scented candle I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing.  I know that Cashmere Cedar is my all time fave, but this is hands down special in its own right.

If you want a gift that you cannot find at a random Target, this is it.

Tobacco + Caramel:

tobacco and caramel soy candle

Customers go crazy over this scent profile.  Whether we are at a market or in a store we can hear people rave when they sniff.  I don't know if it's the name and then the smooth smell or what but people absolutely love this one.

It's a blend of orange, tobacco leaf, and caramelized vanilla.  It's worth every penny and you should lean into this purchase and click bring me home.

It's the perfect unique gift for anyone in your life, including you.  Remember self-care!

So there you have it!  Our best selling soy candles and I'm sure you can understand why our candle family go crazy for these scents.

Remember our soy candles are hand poured in small batches.  We use eco-friendly (domestically grown) soy wax, cotton wicks, and the finest fragrance oils.  

We hand select our vessels with upcycling in mind and included with every regular sized vessel purchase is a packet of wild flower seeds.

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