Best Gift Ideas For Friends

Whether you spend $20 or $200 on a gift for your friend, what matters is that you care enough to find the perfect gift for your BFF.

Here Are Three Gift Ideas For Friends:

gift ideas for friends

1. Wine with Me Basket: Go out to your local winery, pick up a couple bottles of wine. that you know she'll like, go to a craft store, grab a basket to put the wine in and add a couple things to nibble while you sip.  Next write in a card, "Pick a night in the next six weeks when we can sit and enjoy this together." It's different than gifting wine, you're gifting your time and the wine is a bonus.

best gifts for friends

2. Let's Go Shopping: Visit your local boutiques and purchase a small monetary gift card from each.  Place the cards inside a card and write, "Girl, it's time to shop! Pick an afternoon (sometime in the next four weeks) when you and I can sneak away and have some time shopping our favorite boutiques."  Again, it's not the gift itself, it's the time you will spend together.

gift ideas for friends that live far away

3. Create a Shared Experience: Let's say your BFF lives states away.  Pick out two hand-poured soy candles, one for you and one for her.  Depending on if she's a coffee or wine drinker, call up the place she frequents and purchase a gift card from them.  Next, write in the card, Even though we can't be together on your birthday, we can still make the most of it and pretend we are in the same room.  Pick a time in the next couple weeks where we can FaceTime and both light the same scented candle and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine together.  The gift is that you will both sniff the same scent at the same time, and enjoy each other's company with your favorite beverages.

Tips For Gift Ideas For Friends:

As you can see above, my ideas center around one thing, gifting time and being together.  The greatest gift we can ever give someone is time. 

A couple tips when coming up with ideas to gift your friends.

  • Think of anything they love to do and figure out how you can do that together.
  • Then pick up a trinket or something that represents that activity (to give them a hint).
  • In the card designate a window of time that they have to pick a date from, to enjoy this with you.

The reason why you give a window of time, like four weeks or six weeks, is because life happens and we get busy.  Unless we have a deadline, then we make sure it happens.

Have fun with this and trust me, whatever you end up gifting your friend, will be perfect.  The fact that you remembered them and then took time to even read an article trying to determine the best gift, says a lot about who you are and how much you value your friend.