A Simple Parenting Decision that Had A Remarkable Side Effect

Parenting win or fail? I haven't bought my kids a toy for YEARS. Excluding holidays and special occasions.

I made this choice after a few occasions took place where they broke a toy, tossed, and said 'I'll just a get a new one'.

It horrified me by how flippant they were and made me question what lessons we were teaching them.

From that day on they have earned money to buy what they want.

They would help us around the house, cook, outside work, help grandparents, and they would put up lemonade stands as well.

Now days they work for Bella Vida Candles as well as keep up the house with Ryan and I. We pay them $15 an hour cash because they are both such hard workers.

The initial decision was to help them respect their own property, but the values that have been instilled, have been a remarkable side effect.

Our kids feel confident when it comes to their ability to make money. I love that. I want them to launch into this world knowing that there is so much money to be made and the choice is theirs to go after it.

I bring this up today because it's important for you to know where your money goes when you shop with us:

Our kids.
Our team.
The Helping People Project.
And because of your support Ryan and I get to continue to both work from home and raise our kids.

If you choose to spend your money with us know that your dollars will allow Ali and James the opportunity to work.

Right now, James is saving his money for a custom scooter and Ali has her eyes on really expensive marker set.

Also 5% of sales (not profit) goes to the Helping People Project. This is a pay it forward program for families that need some help.

Currently we are helping a family that escaped a very toxic environment with food and rent money.

If you know of someone in need please email us at Hello@bellavidacandles.com and share their story.

Thank you for reading this all until the end. I have a question for you to think about, how do you teach your kids about money?  Going even deeper, how do you define money and based on what you come up with is that the definition you want your kids to adopt?

For example money means freedom to me.  It means I can go and make memories with my kids or shop at HomeGoods on a Tuesday morning stress free.

Ryan on the other hand defines money as security.  And both of us have shared this with the kids so that they can define what money means to them.

To be honest James and I are a lot alike and how we define money is no different.  And the same goes for Ryan and Ali, they are two peas in a pod for sure.

All good things to think about.  Have a good day! -Jess