A Simple Gratitude Exercise that Delivers HUGE Results

Years ago I heard of a fun family tradition to do around the dinner table. Share your high and low points of the day. I tweaked it a bit because at that time we needed more positivity in our lives.

Every night we share three highs with each other. The caveat is that they have to be unique highs each day. That way, you're brained gets trained to look for the good all throughout the day so you have something to share at the kitchen table.

Why is gratitude so important?

Top 5 Benefits of Gratitude:

1.  Increase your happiness

2.  Improves psychological wellbeing

3.  Improves relationships

4.  Makes us more giving

5.  Improves quality of sleep


I want to give you an exercise to deepen this family tradition by writing your highs in a notebook right before you go to bed.

There are copious amounts of research that shows the benefits of journaling. These include a reduction in stress, a boost in mood, and there are even studies that say it helps with memory.

Also, looking at past entries is an effective pick-me-up when you're blue.

So grab a notebook and let’s get started.

For the next seven days, before you go to bed, I want you to write down your three unique highs of the day.  Essentially three things that you're grateful for.

For example:

1. Woke up feeling rested.
2. Skipped the glass of wine.
3. Chatted with a girlfriend on the phone.

That's it! I bet after seven days of this practice you will want to continue.

Enjoy having a grateful heart!