6 Spur-of-The-Moment Christmas In July Activities

If you're looking for some fun (easy) ideas to shake up the summer days, Christmas in July is perfect.  Bring back the spirit of the season without the pressures we typically experience.

Whether you get a jump start on the upcoming season or go back and wrap up some activities that got pushed aside with all the seasonal things going on, here's your chance to have some stress free fun.

6 Spur-of-The-Moment Activities to Celebrate Christmas in July:

  1. Turn up the Christmas tunes and dance
  2. Plan an event for December
  3. Make a sandy snowman at the beach
  4. Watch your family's favorite Christmas movie
  5. Light your favorite seasonal candle and read a Christmas story
  6. Create your Christmas bucket list 

There are so many simple ways to break up the Summer with a holiday that gives us an excuse to celebrate it twice.  I bet your mind is coming up with things as you read, bake some cookies, finish the homemade ornaments that you ran out of time for last season, or get a jump start on your Christmas cards.

Whatever you choose, have fun with it and remember, school will be here before you know it and following right behind, will be the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Take this time to enjoy some of the magic Christmas brings without having any of the pressure of the real event.