5 Easy Back-To-School Organizational Ideas

The leisure days of summer are about to expire as the new school year moves in.

Right now, you're in one of two camps, quietly counting down the days until the kids go back to school, or you're dreading the grind.

Whichever camp you fall into, you'll want to be organized for the up coming school year to keep your days run smoothly.

5 Ways To Start The School Year With Less Stress:

1. Hang a family calendar where everyone can see it.  This can be a simple magnetic one you find in a $5.00 Target bin.  Hang it up and start jotting things down so the family gets used to checking it.

2. Purchase an over the door shoe organizer. When you go back to school shopping, grab some extra sets of pencils, flair pens, anything that your kiddo might need a couple months into the school year.  Trust me, it's no fun having to make a Walgreens run 20 minutes before the first bell.

3. Choose the outfit the night before. Doing this accomplishes two things, you take the stress out of the morning and remove any last minute, "Mom have you seen my purple dinosaur shirt!? questions.  It's all there, laid out and ready to wear.

4. Organize the bathroom so it's easy to find everything. Hair dryer and curling irons over the door, marked totes, and find a little turntable to spin so you can see the hair products easier.

5. Set up a designated homework station (outside for their bedrooms). They have better focus, their brain gets trained to get into work mode right away when they sit down, and you're more accessible if they have a question.

There you go! Let's all take a collective deep breath. This school year is going to be great and now what we are better organized we can feel confident and less overwhelmed.

Good luck on the first day back and enjoy every moment, these years go quick.