30 Day FREE Mental Cleanse Challenge

Hands up if you're ready to quiet your mind, move your body, and lift your mood!

The Summer is a great time to cleanse your mind and kick any habits that are hurting your happiness to the curb.

What you can expect in this 30 day challenge:

Every Sunday (Starting May 23rd) you will receive an email or text (depending on which one you signed up for) laying out one mental cleansing task to focus on for that week.

In addition to the weekly task email (delivered to your inbox on Sunday), we will have a thread posted in our private Facebook group Bella Vida Family where you can connect with others and chat about your experience.

Each task is meant to build off the previous week.

For example, once you complete week one, we want you to continue doing week one's task in addition to week two's task.

By the end of 30 days you will have swapped out out some unhealthy habits and adopted four new beneficial habits.

Join us by signing up here: Free 30-Day Mental Cleanse Challenge

Supplies list: Book (paper not tablet) that you have been wanting to read but haven't had the time to do so, a notebook, optional: download the free meditation app: Insight Timer.

We can't wait to start this with you!  See you May 23rd.