3 Reasons Why You Need To Dream Bigger

You underestimate yourself.

We all do.

When we dream, our brain produces a mediocre vision of what success could look like.

It's the part of the brain that protects us from pain and the part that hates change.

Basically our dream architects are Nervous Nancy and Stuck in her ways Sammy.

I don't know about you, but I don't want someone that's scared of failure and another that's stuck in her ways, laying out plans for my life.

How to we get around them?

Dream bigger.

But What If I am Scared of Rejection?

Everyone is.  You push through.

People around you, living your dream life, pushed through.

That's the big secret.

They aren't better, or smarter, harder working.  They simply pushed through their fears of rejection, judgment, and yes, failure.

Lots of People Dream Bigger!


Imagine if Oprah would have walked out of her job interview when they completely botched her name, which is Harpo, not Oprah.

Marie Forleo.

Or if she didn't listened to her mom when she said, "Everything is figureoutable Marie."

Elon Musk.

Imagine if he invented new technology to help the environment and kept if for personal use only because he didn't want to seem too far out there or crazy.

Literally MILLIONS of people would have lost out if one of our fellow humans wouldn't have dreamt bigger.

The Last Reason You Need to Dream Bigger

At some point you will pause and review your life.


Some do it when a tragedy strikes too close to home.

Other's grind it out until around 76-years old before they look over their life decisions.

Imagine you're watching your grandbabies play, and one crawls up onto your lap and asks, Grandma, tell me about the craziest dream you went after!

I know dang well you don't want to say, well it all began with this mediocre vision...

NO! We want to live our lives to the fullest and have no regrets.


Because this is our one shot.  Our one opportunity to do things big and make ourselves proud.

To Recap:

  1. Dream bigger because our brain naturally has a low ceiling.
  2. Lots of people dreamt bigger and done big things.
  3. YOLO.  No regrets.

Let's fire your current architects and bring in some fresh energy to do the job right.  

Today, I want you to ask yourself, if I couldn't fail (like there is no chance of failure), what would I do with my life?