3 Reasons Why We Are Absolutely Obsessed With Fall Candles

fall candles

Fall candles infuse our lives with warm spice and rich fragrances.

Remarkably, a single fall candle will transform your mood, home, and vibe with the strike of a match. Today, discover why we are obsessed with Fall candles more than any other season.

3 Reasons We Love Fall Candles:

Fall Candles Bring Up Fun Memories - Memories like jumping into leaf piles, carving pumpkins, corn mazes, hayrides, and making caramel apples.

Fall Candles Feel Like a Hug - Whenever I am greeted by scents of autumn, I feel wrapped in a comforting embrace, like a hug from my grandma.

Fall Candles Encourage Relaxation - When you light a Fall candle, there's a sense of cozy peace like there's nothing to do except enjoy the aromas and the flickering flame.

fall candles

The Scent Memory Connection Is Astounding

It's incredible how you can smell a pumpkin spice Fall candle and instantly relive a sweet memory. When I smell pumpkin spice, I think how my dad would bring my mom a pumpkin spice latte every afternoon. It was the sweetest tradition, and of course, it made the office smell heavenly.

The transition between Summer and Fall is represented by certain scents that bring up heartwarming memories. For example, crisp autumn air reminds me of precious moments playing with our young children at the park, with their adorable beanie hats on and rosy cheeks. Many autumn candles smell of falling leaves, like our Autumn Breeze soy candle, which means I can relive those moments every time I light it.

fall candles

Fall Candles Wrap You In a Cozy Embrace

The warm spices and rich notes poured into your autumn candle feel like a warm hug. Lighting a Toasted Pumpkin Spice soy candle or Banana Bread soy candle makes your entire home feel like a cozy embrace.

So many fall fragrances remind me of my grandma's house. She loved to bake and always had something in the oven or simmering as she prepped her harvest for canning.

A whiff of pumpkin apple butter, huckleberry jam, or spiced bread takes me back to her kitchen. 

Think about your kids and how they light up after they come in from playing outside and are greeted with cinnamon, allspice, and creamy nutmeg notes. Autumn is full of the most lavish comforting scents.

Fall Candles Encourage You To Slow Down and Snuggle In

Imagine the feeling you get when you light a candle perfectly blended with warm vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and orange zest. All you want to do is grab your cozy throw and snuggle.

The best autumn nights start with your family on a walk after dinner and end with everyone sprawled out in the living room, cozy by the fire, with a Toasted Pumpkin Spice soy candle burning in the background.

fall candles

Fall Reminds Us That Change is Beautiful

The season is an excellent reminder of how breathtakingly beautiful change truly is. We welcome the transition from sweltering days to relaxing, cool nights. From getting blasted with the sun to watching the leaves gracefully fall in the autumn breeze. Fall is a special season.

Enjoy every moment with your family, and be sure to make an autumn bucket list, so you don't miss the opportunity to make sweet memories.

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