3 Last Minute Summer Activities To Finish The Summer Strong

We are rounding the corner of the last lap of summer.  Soon we will be waiting in the pick-up-line for our kiddos to get done with school and then race them to practice.

But before the hustle begins there's still time to sneak in some sweet summery moments.

Here Are My Top 3 Simply Summer Activities:

  1. Go to a quaint ice cream shop in a new area.  Grab yourselves a double scoop waffle cone and head out to sit under a tree and reminisce about the past three months of summer time fun.
  2. Visit a new beach near you.  This can be a waterpark or a sandy beach on a lake.  Pack up the cooler and soak in the happy sunshine.
  3. Set up a backyard campout. This is so easy and I bet you will have more fun camping close to home rather than traveling a great distance.

This blog post will be short and sweet as I want you to get out there and enjoy.

Have fun and someone get an extra scoop of ice cream for me. Cheers!