3 Joyful Reasons Cozy Christmas Soy Candles Are Here Early

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Why in the world are we talking about Christmas in September?! Besides the apparent reason that retail has to be a season ahead of the real world, we started pouring our seasonal soy candles early for three special reasons. 

Today you'll learn why our home smells like crisp pine, cranberries, and the North Pole before witches even mount their broomsticks, and I'll give a sneak peek at our Christmas Candle Collection.

Reason No. 1: Why We Pour Christmas Soy Candles Early

Our seasonal subscription box ships out on September 19th. In fact, the last day to subscribe and get this year's collection before anyone else is on the 15th. To prepare each box of Christmas candles with extra care, we need time to pour, prep, label, and package. So we start early.

Curious About Our Candle Subscription Box Options?

We offer monthly or seasonal boxes, and in each category, you can choose from three different box sizes based on your soy candle obsession. Click here to learn more:

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Reason No. 2: Why We Pour Christmas Soy Candles Early

Our customers love to get into the spirit of the season for their families and complete their Christmas shopping list. There is something so special about gifting a hand-poured soy candle to your loved ones. And since we offer free gifting supplies, they can get everything taken care of in one spot. Talk about easy and convenient gifting.

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Reason No. 3: Why We Pour Christmas Soy Candles Early

The last and most crucial reason hits closer to home. Before we started pouring candles (to survive the shelter in place order from our Governor), we were a very simple family with ample time to make memories.

After the order lifted and we could return to our regular jobs, pre-pandemic, we agreed to continue pouring soy candles, and we made a promise as a family to always put our family time first and never forget what matters most.

Our number one value is time as a family. And Christmas is a prime time of the year for us to make memories and be together. So our workaround is to begin the Christmas season (in retail) early, so then we can wrap up our candle shop work and soak in the season with our kids.

Now you know the three reasons why we start pouring merry scents early; here's a sneak peek at what's to come this season!

Our 2022 Christmas Soy Candle Collection

When we first started, we had no idea how to put together a collection; we just grabbed a pine-scented candle, one that smelled like cookies, one that reminded me of my grandma's house, and one that embodied everything about the season.

Now, this is the third season and we have you, our lovely customers helping us curate our collections. Balsam and Berry is one that you chose from our Pick Our Scent Christmas candle box earlier this year. The rest is based on being top sellers, emails you've sent, and raving reviews. Without further ado, this season's collection:

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Balsam and Berry Soy Candle

Hints of citrus sparkle atop a botanical blend of fir and warm cedar as sugared berries unfold in layers of fruity delight.

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Christmas Tree Soy Candle

Whether real or fake, your home will smell like a pop of citrus, crisp, sweet apples, fresh pine needles, balsam, and cedar.

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Christmas Bake Shop Soy Candle

It is like walking into the bakery of your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie. Fresh buttery baked goods, sugared vanilla, warm cinnamon, and hints of maple.

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Christmas 365 Soy Candle

Now it is time for our best-selling seasonal scent. It was named after a Hallmark Christmas movie with the sentiment that the spirit of Christmas should live on year-round.

A nostalgic blend of fresh greens and a splash of fruit held together with juniper and sage.