#1 Reason Why You Feel So Busy

And 3 ways to slow down time.

Do you ever feel like you don't have the time to do what you love?

Between shuttling the kids, work, caring for your home, nurturing your relationships, finding time to chill can seem impossible.

A few months a go I was feeling overwhelmed and at the same time I read a statistic that flabbergasted me:

Americans check their phones more than 260 times a day.

That's once every 5.5 minutes.

Immediately I thought, if I'm doing that, that's where my time is going.

This Is What Happened When I Turned Off My Phone

I had so much time, I felt bored.  When is the last time you felt like time passed so slowly, and you had nothing to do?  I bet it has been a hot minute.

This exercise was wildly eye opening.

I took the entire weekend, electronic free.  Monday morning I woke up feeling exponentially happier, refreshed, and ready for the week ahead.

Another study that I read said that when Americans perceive they have no free time, their level of over satisfaction with their live plummets.

And since I felt like I had all the time in the world, that's why my mood was elevated come Monday.

How can you diet down your phone usage?

  1. Get an old fashioned alarm clock and leave your phone out of the bedroom.
  2. Don't check your phone within the first 20 minutes of waking up.
  3. Schedule time to check your phone.  Start with five pockets of time, where you intentionally give 10 minutes to your phone and check the notifications.

Why is this even important to talk about?

After watching The Social Dilemma it became apparent to me how much of a battle we are up against with our phones.

If you haven't watched this Netflix special, please do. And once you do, if your kids are old enough, please watch it as a family.

I hope this helps you get some of your time back and enjoy the life you have built.

Take care,