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Bundle for Him

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If you're looking for a gift that will transform his man cave, this is it.

Included in this bundle are the best selling scents for the guy in your life.

Tobacco + Bay Leaf.  This is the most unique scent in our line.  It has a smooth masculine fragrance with citrus top, exotic florals, and amber musk.

Kentucky Bourbon.  This turned Ryan (my hubby) into a candle fan.  The intoxicating blend of bourbon, geranium, woody cedar, and vetiver is so smooth.

Tobacco Caramel.  A blend of orange, tobacco leaf, and caramelized vanilla.  It's worth every penny and you should lean into this purchase and click bring me home.

This bundle includes three 9-ounce candles.  Each vessel is double wicked and has a 55-hour clean burn life. We use eco-friendly soy wax, cotton wicks, and the finest fragrance oils.

Every candle is hand-poured in our small kitchen in New Prague, Minnesota.

When you purchase, if this is a gift, let us know so we can include the gifting essentials: Gift bag, tissue paper, and chalkboard gift tag.  We are also happy to add a note to your order as well.


8 ounce Amber Glass Vessel: 45-hour burn life, gold lid, and most popular jar.

6 ounce Black/White Thick Glass Vessel:  40-hour burn life, wooden lid, this screams luxury.

9 ounce Black/White Tumbler:  55-hour burn life, double wicked, with a metal lid.  

2 ounce Commitment Issues Tin: 12-hour burn life.  A good Travel companion as well.

The biggest thing that I cannot stress enough is that you must trim your wick before every burn.


Here's why:

  • You have a controlled burn and not a wild flame. 
  • When the flame is too big or too chaotic you will get black soot.
  • Your candle will not burn evenly.
  • You will distort the fragrance.
  • And MOST importantly you risk getting the glass on the vessel too hot and that can break or crack the jar.  Now you have a big risk of fire and certainly a mess.
  • Last but not least, you waste so much of the burn life when you burn it too hot.  

Your wick should never be more than 1/4 inch in length (except on the first burn and that is explained below).

The second thing I want to make sure you know in terms of burning is when to stop burning.  You really don't want to let all the wax burn completely out.  Why?  Because again once you have reached the bottom of the jar, you have a layer of glass between your counter top and flame, and you risk the wax getting too hot and breaking the jar or even burning the counter top.

We recommend when you can see the bottom of the jar because the wax is liquid, stop burning.  This again should be about a 1/4 of an inch from the bottom.

We are not trying to discourage you from using the product fully, we just want to make sure we keep you and your household safe.  

Now on to the Candle Care instructions that are included in every purchase:

Yes, there is a way to care for your candles in order to get the most out of your purchase.

Your first burn:

  • Light the wick and allow to burn 3-4 hours. (This allows the proper melt pool to form.)

 Subsequent Burns:

  • Trim the wick so that it is ¼” long.
  • Light the wick.
  • Make sure the wick remains centered as it burns.

 General Guidelines:

  • Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • If the wick creeps to one side, blow out the candle and re-center the wick with a tweezers. Allow to completely cool before relighting.
  • Keep lit candles away from any décor (curtains) and flammable material.
  • Never burn a candle for more than 2-3 hours at a time (with the exception of the first light).

If you follow this care guide you will be able to enjoy your candle longer, and save yourself some money.




What's in Our Candles?

We are delighted that you are here AND that you care about what products you bring into your home.

In order for us to make quality products free from harmful materials, we did mega research.  After months of testing we chose eco-friendly, domestically grown, soy to be our wax.  And our wax is all-natural and non-GMO.

Next we add in the type of wick that promotes an even clean burn. 

This part of the process takes a VERY long time.  Because when you are choosing a wick for a vessel, it has to be just the right strength to provide a perfect melt pool (the melted wax reaches all sides of the vessel), and it has to get the wax hot enough to throw the scent (or hot throw) out into the room.

We choose cotton wicks.  They are for the most part self trimming, however we highly recommend trimming your wicks to 1/4 inch before each burn.  This allows for that nice even burn that we are looking for so that you have zero wax waste.  

Next is the fun part adding scent.  We really wanted to find a manufacture that provides the finest fragrance oils that are free from harmful chemicals.  Our candles are:

1.  Phthalates Free

2.  Nitro Musk Free

Our Unboxing is an Experience

Unboxing a Bella Vida soy candle

The overwhelming feedback that we get about our candles is incredible. 

But the coolest part is how much you love our packaging.  

Bella Vida soy candle

When we first began Bella Vida, we were on the floor in the loft, surrounded by kraft boxes, glue sticks, and paper.Hand stamped soy candle packaging  

After many configurations we came up with the design that shows up at your door step.  

Handmade soy candle tag

Love at First Glimpse!

Immediately you know this was made to make you feel special.  You have the cream cord wrapped tightly around the box.  And it's adorned with the metal lotus flower charm. 

In the center you have a small wooded tag that is embossed with "Hand Made".  That is laid on top of a colored hand-torn paper, and just below that we have hand-stamped our logo.

And then when you open your candle:

Best Soy candle packaging

You're greeted with candle care instructions, wild flower seeds to encourage you to upcycle your vessel after the flame has gone out.  And a jar of stick matches.

The best part, our kids prepare each and every jar.

Best soy candle match jarFamily soy candle company Little hands make the soy candle match jars

Your beautiful hand-poured soy wax candle is nested in a bed of excelsior.

Opening a Bella Vida soy candle

You will notice that on the bottom of the match jar, there is a striker patch.  So you can simply swipe your match stick, and enjoy your new candle right way.

Candle Care

Yes, there is a way to care for your candle in order to get the most out of your purchase.

Your first burn:

  • For the first burn we recommend allowing the jar candle to burn for 3-4 hours.  This allows for a proper melt pool to form.

Subsequent burns:

  • Trim the wick so that it is 1/4" long.
  • Light the wick.
  • Make sure that the wick remains centered as it burns.  

General Candle Care Guidelines:

  • Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • If the wick creeps to one side, blow out the candle and re-center the wick with a tweezers.  Allow to completely cool before relighting.
  • Keep lit candles away from any decor (curtains) and flammable material.
  • Never burn a candle for more than 2-3 hours aft a time (with the exception of the first burn).

If you follow the candle care guide, you will be able to enjoy your candle longer, and save yourself some money.  

So whether you're getting a candle as a gift for yourself or someone you love, you can be assured they will feel the joy and happiness that we put into making the product the moment their eyes meet the package.

Thank you again for learning about the creation process and just more about us as people.  We can't wait to see your photos and hear how you enjoy the products. 

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Kimberly D.
United States United States
Love the ‘Manly’ scents

All three of these candles smell amazing. The Kentucky Bourbon is very smooth with just a hint of sweetness. The pipe tobacco scent is more pronounced in the Tobacco Bay Leaf than the Tobacco Caramel one which is very warm and sweet. Both of those are very comforting in a homey, log cabin kind of way. The black glass vessels are sleek and classy. I bought these for gifts and they were well received. All three of these unique and wonderful fragrances make this Kentucky girl smile!

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