Is Soy Wax Safer Than Paraffin Wax?

I took the warm washcloth, laid it flat against the wall, and made a big arch as I wiped away the dust and debris accumulated over the winter months.

And when I pulled the cloth back to examine what came off the wall, my stomach sank.

That one swipe made my washcloth black.

It was soot from my paraffin wax candles.

As I was cleaning, more thoughts flooded my mind.

  • What's this doing to our lungs?
  • This can't be good for our kids or our fur babies.
  • How much damage have I done to our family in attempts to make our home feel cozy and smell nice.

After I finished my spring cleaning tasks, I raided the candle cupboard tossing any candle that was petroleum based. And I never burned one again.

Soy Candles are Expensive

I researched safer wax, and I came across soy.

A natural plant based wax that lasts a long time, doesn't release toxins, and produces less soot than paraffin candles.

But oh my goodness soy candles were really expensive.  

At the time, we were living off of Ryan's income as a budding persona training at our local gym, so really needed to stretch our dollars.

My solution was to savor the soy candles I purchased and to ask for them when someone wanted to buy me a gift.

What I Learned About Soy Wax Before I was a Candle Maker

1.  They last three times as long as paraffin candles.

2.  The soot is little to none.

3.  Quality made soy candles have powerful hot throws (how much a scent fills up the room when lit).

My advice to you, if you read this article and soy candles are out of your price range:

Have a little budget and save for them like I did.

Let your friends and family know you would love a soy candle for a gift.

And enjoy every flicker once you light your soy candle.

That's one thing I noticed right away when I started burning "expensive" soy candles, when I walked passed it, I would stop and appreciate the candle.  I never did that for a big box store paraffin candle.

Please Note:

I do want to add that you will find many articles telling you that paraffin is unsafe, and that they release toxins.  I have researched this claim extensively, and I cannot find any reliable source that states paraffin candles are dangerous to burn.  This may change as science advances but as of today the facts are not there.

I simply didn't like the soot and that is why I changed to a plant based wax, not because of any legitimate data stating they are harmful.